Circulation Coordinator

Dylan Bueche

Dylan Bueche (he/him/his) has been ensuring that SLUG is as accessible as it’s ever been through his position as Circulation Coordinator. Due to his work, SLUG has been able to deliver our magazine straight to our community’s doorsteps—giving previously printed issues a more sustainable future. Drawn to SLUG for our dedication to a diverse body of voices in everything we produce, Bueche feels fortunate to share his name among our many collaborators. Bueche’s passion for the many subversions inherent in Utah’s art scene leads him to participate in the many community events organized by SLUG, where he enjoys the opportunity to hear the local history of the underground. As an avid desert explorer, Bueche is sure to be found frequently traveling to and from the vistas Utah has to offer, giving him plenty of time to meditate upon future innovations for SLUG.