Soundwaves Producer

Parker Mortensen

Parker Mortensen (they/them/theirs) is the prolific producer of our podcast, SLUG Soundwaves, and has been adding their keen ear to each and every episode since 2018. Having been a contributor to SLUG as a Senior Staff Writer since 2016, Mortensen’s passion for capturing the personalities of the Salt Lake art scene has left a noticeable imprint on the magazine as a whole. Their fascination with deep, interpersonal connection is what draws them to the SLC community and inspires them to approach each episode of Soundwaves as a unique opportunity to tell someone’s story. Mortensen is thankful that while working at SLUG, their artistic freedom to explore their lens and approach an artist’s interview in the way they desire, is not only respected but encouraged. Moved by Salt Lake artists’ ability to subvert expectations of their conservative state, Mortensen is sure to keep on exploring the many ways in which SLC residents share their lives.