Kathy Rong Zhou has been with SLUG since 2014 and has worn many hats in that short time. She has been a Contributing Writer, Editorial Intern, Communications Coordinator and Editorial Assistant. Her current position is that of the Associate Editor, but this responsibility hasn’t stopped her from taking on even more duties, such as those of Senior Staff Writer, Copy Editor and Associate Producer for the SLUG Soundwaves podcast. Zhou joined SLUG after she moved back to Utah so she could find and connect with the right community. Zhou wanted to be involved with the local art and culture, citing the “supportive yet subversive” spaces throughout Utah that “uplift diverse stories, experiences, perspectives and art.” Venues like Diabolical Records, UMOCA and the Salt Lake Film Society are only a few mentioned here, but Zhou is continually charged by the notion of working with diverse people doing cutting-edge, incredible work in Salt Lake City.