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Fort Desolation Rendezvous

Fort Buenaventura Park 2450 A Avenue, Ogden

IT’S THE MODERN-DAY RENDEZVOUS FOR ADVENTURE TRAVELERS Long before the American West was settled, the Rendezvous was a much-anticipated event where a diverse group of travelers came together for several days to buy or sell goods, exchange information, eat, drink, dance, sing and enjoy each other’s company. Fort Desolation is reviving the spirit of the

Fort Desolation Rendezvous 2022

Fort Buenaventura Park 2450 A Avenue, Ogden

OVERLAND EXHIBITION MEETS MUSIC FESTIVAL AT THE FORT DESOLATION RENDEZVOUS Started by one of the creators of Nitro Circus, the Fort Desolation Rendezvous offers a much richer experience than your typical expo. Check out the latest, greatest products and services from a variety of overland and adventure-travel brands during the day. And enjoy live music,

$15 – $75