Zine Reviews – October 2008

A Complete Lack of Motivation
Salty Hobo Records

Far be it from me to piss on a locally-produced zine … oh, who the fuck am I kidding? A Complete Lack of Motivation (way to undersell it) is a half-assed comic zine drawn in quarters by Robin Banks (pages 1-14), Diego Brito (15-21), Steve Thueson (22-27) and Gary Hurst (28-40). Banks puts forth the most skilled artwork and storytelling; his panels flow logically and the shorts based around being an SLC vegan straight-edger actually have some humor and sentiment – two things you rarely get from an SLC vegan straight-edger (don’t bother to write; I don’t care). Then it’s on to Brito’s retarded “Mooky! The sXe Vegan Raccoon” and a dull creep into stream-of-no-consciousness drivel and shaky penciling. Maybe a fat, juicy hamburger would steady your hands (remember: don’t write, don’t care).

Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf

With a better title, Virginia’s Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf: A Sex Education Comic Book could become part of elementary and high school (and in Utah, college) curriculums. Oh, and if this were an alternate-universe, America where we taught young-uns about how their bodies work instead of just leaving the messy details up to Jesus and his next chosen Republican administration … shit, is it November yet? Zine compiler Liza Bley and several snappy artists interpret body image, boobs, penises, vaginas, menstruation, gynecology, condoms, masturbation, homosexuality and relationships (what?), and there’s even a special closing chapter all about drunken hookups (probably of the most interest to SLUG readers and, well, staffers). It’s entertaining, brutally frank, and even educational, so of course it’ll never work in this universe.