Zine Reviews – November 2008

The Leviathan #10: On Tape
Red Light Books
I like The Leviathan, a local zine by SLUG's own Mike Brown, in case he hasn't reminded you in the last five minutes as much as the next alcoholic rodeo clown, but an audio version? Narrated by the author? Talk about supplying something there was absolutely no demand for. And the rambling intro track of the CD (presented from Mike's bathroom as he's taking a shit...nice) doesn't inspire much confidence, either: The whole "This is going to suck, enjoy!" approach ceased to be ironic 10 years ago. Now it's just annoying. But then, it's onto "Probably the Best Interview I've Ever Done," with Poison's C.C. Deville circa 2001...holy fuck, it's the best, funniest Poison interview anyone's ever done! After explaining the finer points of sexual maneuvers like "The Eiffel Tower," "The Donkey Punch" and "The Houdini" to a burnout 80s rock star who should already know them, Mike spins the tale of working in an unnamed (with damn good reason) Salt Lake dive bar, plays a filthy phone message from "Star Tits" and her vibrator, recounts touring with awful/awesome local band Fuck The Informer, interviews his buddy Derek for 20 minutes about the joy of pissing, then closes with a sheep-fucking joke that might be wasted on non-sheep-fuckers so the target demo of The Leviathan will love it. If anything, The Leviathan #10: On Tape is at least preferable to having Mike actually talk to you for an hour. (Leviathan Release Party with Fuck the Informer and Ted Dancin' 11.12, Urban Lounge) - Patricia Bateman

Sofa King #1
I was very stoked to read this zine because my skateboard associate Willy Mammoth, and his friend Ty Rex are in charge of this modern day masterpiece. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. It has a good review on Girl Talk, a great review on the SLUG Summer of Death Comp, some hilariousness about fixed gears and some short stories that may or may not be fiction. Either way I am stoked to say that the Leviathan has some competition. Oh and I can't forget the artwork in the mag, it was so raw that it's incredible! If you were one of the lucky 100 to get a copy of this mag then you know what I'm talking about. But if you are one of the many unfortunate souls, keep a look out. I've started my collection. - Hehshun