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B-Movie Reviews: December 1994


The Club (1993) 

Satan’s helper comes as the prom held inside an old mansion of sorts. Five unlucky kids are trapped inside after midnight and it’s time to die. A demon (Joel Wyner doing a Nicholson impersonation) torments the kids with threats of death, or suicide, or something weird cause he committed suicide and that’s why he’s a demon. But you don’t really care. There’s some decent ideas and effects, but nothing scary or original. The end of the film is in fast rewind and basically what should be done before watching this snoozer.

Bloodlust: Subspecies III (1994) 

Part two and three were shot back to back, with the same cast and crew and it shows, in a bad way. The story from part number two seemed to have used up all the original ideas. Radu the long fingered vampire, is still in love with vampire Denice Duff, but her sister (William Shatner’s daughter Rebecca) is against the idea of her sister having those big fingers on her. The effects are great, but if you’ve seen the second then this ain’t worth the stake.

Basket Case (1982) 

Clyde Lewis told me this one was interesting. It’s a sad tale about a misunderstood young lad named Duane and his freaky Siamese Twin-in-a-basket named Belial. The twins were separated at birth by veterinarians, and little Belial didn’t die as expected, now he wants his revenge on the vets. The freak Belial is pretty strong for his diminutive size, and he likes to chew up his vet victims. There’s some pretty funny scenes, and for such a low budget, this horribly-acted film has a wonderful, kinda creepy, energetic, kooky feel with yummy, tasteless appeal. Well worth checking out!

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