Our Local Leadership cover features a collage from Hannah Dwertman (@holybananacollages). Dwertman’s typical surrealism, as well as her focus on disembodied hands, meet recognizable, Salt Lake imagery in this abstract representation of Utah leadership.

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SLUG Style: Kalei

Kalei is spearheading the local fashion movement through her organization Salt Lake Fashion Collective, an inclusive as a space for creatives to connect. … read more

A Distinct Society: Love, Loss and Understanding

A Distinct Society explores playwright Kareem Fahmy’s identity as a child of Middle Eastern immigrants during a time of political strife. … read more

Bold & Beautiful: Hoe Shi Minh

An artist and performer in more ways than one, Hoe Shi Minh has been singing and dancing her way through life and doing it extravagantly. … read more

SLUG Style: Lukas Mann

Lukas Mann appears together with his sphinx cats, Laurel and Reid, in this Pets issue–themed SLUG Style photoshoot, and the results speak for themselves. … read more

Gross Indecency Reveals the Trauma and Trials of Oscar Wilde

For a show taking place in 1895, Gross Indecency felt modern with its themes of homophobia and forbidden love at the forefront. … read more

Rooted in Resilience: Farmers Take Center Stage at Annual Farm...

Last weekend, The Red Acre Center hosted their seventh annual Farm and Food Conference. Founded by mother-daughter team Symbria and Sara Patterson, The Red Acre Center for Food and Agriculture...

SLUG Mag’s 2023 T-Shirt Art Competition

SLUG Mag is hosting an online art competition to decide on a design for our next T-shirt! The contest runs from Mon., Jan 9–Mon., Feb 20. … read more

Public Art Piece In Search of Blue Sky Finds Common...

Public art installation In Search of Blue Sky seeks both to raise community awareness of the air quality data and embed it with personal meaning. … read more

Bold & Beautiful: Trey Rayne

Trey Rayne has been moving through the ranks as a community icon, dancer and dreamer, sharing their ideas and movements. … read more

SLUG Style: Mark Cook of Skiing Fucks

Mark Cook is the founder of Skiing Fucks, a clothing brand that embraces standing against elitism and gatekeeping within clothing, sporting and life itself. … read more

4th Annual Holiday Market @ Ogden Union Station 12.02–03

Craft Lake City's Fourth Annual Holiday Market 2022 Presented by Google Fiber enjoyed a new location this year at Ogden Union Station with over 120 vendors. … read more

Ariana Broumas Farber’s DREAMERS: A Portrait of America

DREAMERS reveals much about how cultural, gender and religious differences are perceived and, more often, misunderstood under Western idealism. … read more

Beer and Badass Babes: Katie Mansfield’s Winning PBR Can Design

Katie Mansfield's relatable design for the Pabst Blue Ribbon 2022 Art Can Contest depicts a lover locked in a kiss, wishing they were drinking a PBR instead. … read more

“Your Sweetness Abides”: An Interview with Toy Whisperer Jared Gold

Nationally renowned designer and artist Jared Gold creates a new line of imaginative toys, Sutras of Delight, to reconnect with a childlike sense of wonder. … read more

SLUG Style: Shantelle Pace

As with her approach to cocktail creation, Shantelle Pace's fashion sense evinces a willingness to experiment and eschew convention. … read more

Shred Fest 2022 @ Liberty Park 11.05–06

Shred Fest 2022 won crowds over during its two-day rail jam and music festival experience, showing off stellar local and national talent on and off the slope. … read more

Roe: States Rights, Enter Stage Left

Jensie Anderson leads a reading of the 2016 stage play, Roe, wherein Jane Roe and her attorneys explore how this seminal case played out. … read more

Bold & Beautiful: Post-Op Malone

Drag is an escape from traditional, cut-and-dry gender expression for Post-Op Malone, a performer who uses drag to outwardly express their identity wherever they go. … read more

Embodied Ecologies: Where Disability Meets the Natural World

Embodied Ecologies—an exhibit on the intertwining of disability, health, and the environment—takes many forms: sculpture, painting, poetry and mixed-media. … read more

The Manhattan Experience @ Gallivan Hall 10.09

The Wine Academy of Utah and One Small Miracle put on The Manhattan Experience, a 90-minute class on the history and technique of the classic cocktail. … read more

SLUG Style: Rebecca Springer

While Springer's love for '50s fashion certainly expresses itself through her designed dresses, her affection for the style manifests in nearly every detail. … read more

Beehive Battle: A Skateboarding Showcase Fundraiser to Empower Youth

The non-profit organization Pushing Ahead, which helps put skateboards in the hands of young skaters, is the brainchild of David Edminster and Derek Robison. … read more

A Product of Our Society: The Laramie Project Comes to...

The Laramie Project isn’t a play where you will leave from the theater humming catchy tunes, but it is a moment to focus on the reality of the truths we...

Puffs Brings A Bit of Unauthorized Magic to Trolley Square

Puffs follows the years when "The Boy Who Lived" attended a certain famous wizarding school, told from the point of view of one of the less prominent houses. … read more

Bold & Beautiful: Meadow Lark

Burlesque is more than a performance for Meadow Lark; it is an empowering, freeing and creative outlet. … read more

Visible Panty Liners: The Utah Period Project

Thanks to Aunt Flow and the Utah Period Project, Utah is now one of the first states mandated to offer free and accessible period products in public schools. … read more

SLUG Style: Channing Porter

Caring and enthusiastic, Channing Porter is an unprofessional (at-home) chef whose work and fashion balance hard work and flavor. … read more

Neon Rodeo @ UMOCA, FICE, Beer Bar 09.09

Neon Rodeo was a creative conference crossed with a night of showcasing house music, design and inclusivity at UMOCA, FICE Gallery and Beer Bar. … read more

Dave Styer: Graphic Designer by Trade

With skin full of traditional American tattoos and hands adorned with turquoise, Dave Styer's passion for graphic design isn’t slowing down any time soon. … read more

Bold & Beautiful: Magnys Voss

Magnys Voss describes himself as a baby in the drag world, having only started performing as Leroy Dagger about a year ago. Despite not having the official title, this king...

The 14th Annual CLC DIY Festival Presented By Harmons @...

The 14th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival Presented By Harmons was Craft Lake’s biggest offering yet, and what you saw partly depended on what day you came. … read more

SLUG Style: Victoria Minji Lee

This month's SLUG Style features Victoria Minji Lee, a local artist and the current owner of tattoo shop Everybody Tattoo. … read more

Full Circle with Joshua James

Joshua James has a touch of magic and warmth about him. His self sufficient soul makes him the perfect person to headline the 14th Annual DIY Fest. … read more

Utah Women Make Their Voices Heard in Monologues From A...

Monologues From A Movement, an original stage play written by Amanda Caraway and directed by Cami Rozanas, is all about giving Utah women a chance to be heard. … read more

Sage Venna’s Journey in Creating

Sage Venna takes in spaces and considers how to fill them with her art, exploring worlds filled with sci-fi aliens and creatures from the deep. … read more

Criticizing the Culture with SLACabaret: Down the Rabbit Hole

SLACabaret is a lovely, well-rounded production brimming with commentary about the lovely little Beehive State that we call home. … read more

SLFC Fashion Show @ Medium Studio 07.01

Salt Lake Fashion Collective brought an eclectic mix together to Medium Studio for the group's first annual runway show, which emphasized reused materials. … read more

SLUG Mag’s 2022 Brewstillery @ Artspace City Center 06.18

Local distillers and brewers spent the day satiating thirst with some of the best libations Utah has to offer. SLUG Mag's Brewstillery 2022 had it all. … read more

Local Review: T-James – Workin On A Come Up

 T-James Workin On A Come Up  Self-Released Street: 11.22.22 T-James = + J. Cole Don’t be fooled by the sick album cover, which depicts a deadpan T-James looking fine...

Review: M(h)aol – Attachment Styles

M(h)aol = LCD Soundsystem + Bikini Kill … read more

Review: Beauty Pill – Blue Period

Beauty Pill = Pixies + Dry Cleaning + La Luz … read more

Review: Billy Nomates – Cacti

Billy Nomates = The Smiths + Lorde … read more

Review: poolblood – mole

poolblood = Lowertown + Anaïs Chantal + Swim Team … read more

Review: Guts Club – CLIFFS/WALLS

GUTS CLUB = Janis Ian+ BIG|BRAVE … read more

Local Review: Nicole Canaan – My Own Two Hands

Nicole Canaan = Phoebe Bridgers ^ Weyes Blood … read more

Local Review: Sean Baker – The Purple House

Sean Baker’s Recycled Stardust = The Shins + Elliot Smith … read more

Local Review: Willow Skye-Biggs – lexen

Lexen = Aphex Twin + Thrupence x Bon Iver / Grimes … read more

Local Review: maximradar – Stella

maximradar = Tears For Fears + Breathe … read more

Soccer Mommy and TOPS @ The Depot 12.05

Dec. 5 brought individuals of all ages to The Depot to experience an incredible night of live alternative/indie music by Soccer Mommy and opener TOPS. … read more

Local Review: ACID-HOLOGRAM – Faded Reality

ACID-HOLOGRAM = Gatecreeper + Red Fang … read more

Local Review: Bly Wallentine – I Found My Foot

I Found My Foot needs to be heard more than once. Bly Wallentine seems to have found their “foot” and embraced this sublime world with open arms. … read more


CLUB MUNGO = Brockhampton + Odd Future … read more

Local Review: Kimi K – KIMI K

Kimi K's self-titled EP contains relatable emotions from complicated situationships that Kimi K layers over slowed trap rhythms. … read more

Local Review: Lost Penguins – fix it – da world

Lost Penguins = FIDLAR - of Montreal (Freewave Lucifer fck)  … read more

Review: ONO – Kate Cincinnati

Kate Cincinnati is a masterpiece composed by P. Michael Grego (keyboards, electronics and percussion), Ric Graham (mostly horns and guitar) and travis (vocals). … read more

Local Review: Health Care – Health Care

The members of Health Care are only in their third year of high school and have masterfully crafted the feelings of teenage angst into a musically genius band. … read more

Review: Scout Gillett – no roof no floor

Scout Gillett = Sharon Van Etten + a slight Kate Bush … read more

Review: Smut – How the Light Felt

Smut = Slow Pulp + Mazzy Star + Snail Mail … read more

Redrox Music Festival Highlights Queer Inclusivity in Utah Arts

Reveling in its inclusive approach, the Redrox Music Festival stands as a beacon of queer joy in a state where such a feeling can never be too plentiful. … read more

Local Review: Flamingo – The Flamboyance

Flamingo = New Orleans Rhythm Kings + Michael Buble x Trombone Shorty … read more

Local Review: Magda-Vega – Stella

Magda-Vega = Stevie Nicks + Alice In Chains  … read more

Review: Taylor Swift – Midnights

Taylor Swift = Lorde + early Lana Del Rey … read more

11 Years Later, The Jungle Giants Are Still Best Friends

The sound of The Jungle Giants’ Love Signs, which was released in summer of 2021, builds off their indie-rock roots. … read more

Rising Star BAYLI on Artistic Autonomy and Being Vulnerable in...

An auditory encounter with up-and-coming artist BAYLI is like scattering the labels we place on ourselves over a fan into a whirlwind of originality that demands attention. … read more

Review: Dry Cleaning – Stumpwork

Dry Cleaning = Wire + Peter Buck + Kim Gordon … read more

Local Review: Ribbons – Primitive Emotion

Ribbons = NARC + Mock Execution … read more

Review: The 1975 – Being Funny in a Foreign Language

The 1975 = Bon Iver + The Beatles + Drive Like I Do … read more

Local Review: The Mellons – Introducing… The Mellons

The Mellons = The Beach Boys + The Turtles + The Beatles … read more

Emily Haines Of Metric On Organically Growing The Band

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years, you’ve probably heard of the captivating and thrilling sounds of Toronto’s indie-rock band Metric. … read more

Local Review: Scott Lippitt – Meaning Maker

Scott Lippitt = Cavetown + Death Cab for Cutie … read more

Review: Dream, Ivory – About a Boy

Dream, Ivory = The Everly Brothers + Slowdive + PUP … read more

Review: LUCI – Juvenilia

LUCI = Willow Smith + Aisles … read more

Review: Lake Mary – Slow Grass

Lake Mary = Ben Howard – vocals + Volcano Choir’s Unmap … read more

Live From The Great Room: Andrew Bird, Adia Victoria, Jimbo...

The Park City Song Summit “redefines the live music experience.” Check out SLUG's concert review with Andrew Bird, Adia Victoria, and Jimbo Mathis. … read more

A Long Way To Go: Celisse and Adia Victoria @ Park...

At Park City Song Summit, blues powerhouses Celisse and Adia Victoria talk shop about performing and the power of the blues as a therapeutic pursuit. … read more

Review: OHMA – Between All Things

OHMA = The Cinematic Orchestra + Autechre x Blockhead … read more

Review: The Beths – Expert in a Dying Field

The Beths = Courtney Barnett + Kimya Dawson … read more

Umphrey’s McGee @ Red Butte Garden 09.08

Umphrey's McGee's Red Butte Show was a two-set power show for jam band heads who can stare down the barrel of a nearly four-hour show unflinchingly. … read more

Joji w/ rei brown and SavageRealm @ UCCU Center 09.09

The shift Joji created between his public personas in the last five years has carried into his music, a quality present in last week's show at the UCCU Center. … read more

Local Review: Elle and The Echo – The Unknown

Elle and The Echo = Margo Price + Big Thief … read more

Local Review: imp – In The Garden

Imp's 60-minute LP, In The Garden, begins with “Brighter Echoes,” and, right away, I’m curious about this choice of musical style. … read more

Review: Coby Sey – Conduit

Coby Sey = Tricky + Morcheeba + Marvin Gaye … read more

Hiatus Kaiyote @ Union Event Center 09.01

Whether you’re a longtime fan or you’ve never heard of Hiatus Kaiyote before, these Aussies know how to rock. Next time get a ticket—you will not regret it. … read more

Film Review: Knock at the Cabin

Knock at the Cabin hinges on the anxiety that the universe is blind to the social terror we’ve created, unprejudiced in its judging and its choice of martyrs. … read more

Film Review: Living

Living is an uplifting and heartfelt film that is never cloying and never dwelling on its sad moments, provoking plenty of genuine warmth. … read more

Film Review: The Son

The Son has its positive elements, but its straightforward approach to a story we have seen time and time again is a daring and disappointing decision. … read more

Film Review: Missing

As a standalone sequel, Missing rewards having seen its predecessor and is well worth your time, a thrill to untangle and maybe even a bit informative. … read more

Film Review: Broker

Despite dealing with serious, morally murky and upsetting subjects, Broker presents it all with sweetness and irresistible charm. … read more

Film Review: M3GAN

Knowingly a little goofy, new horror film M3GAN excavates its scares from the deepest, most plasticky recesses of the uncanny valley. … read more

Film Review: Dead Ringo

Using a combination of practical and visual effects, prosthetics and miniatures, Tim Boone infuses Dead Ringo with moody panache. … read more

Film Review: A Man Called Otto

A Man Called Otto is an excellent showcase for one of the top movie stars of the past 50 years and a poignant study of loneliness, despair and love. … read more

Noah’s Arc Continues in Leverage: Redemption Season Two 

Leverage: Redemption tackles serious themes relevant to the world we live in, and does it in a way that allows the audience to have some fun along the way. … read more

Film Review: Neptune Frost

Neptune Frost is a rare movie that is able to capture something new about the human experience through the lens of artists speaking out for social liberation. … read more

Film Review: The Eternal Daughter

Joanna Hogg’s work is deeply personal, and in a year of reflective works, The Eternal Daughter is one of the strangest, most tender and very best. … read more

The Top 11 Films of 2022

That's a wrap on another year of moviegoing, folks, and what a year! Patrick Gibbs presents his picks for The Top 11 Films of 2022, in alphabetical order. … read more

Film Review: Apostles

Scud's Apostles works best when approached as an abstract artwork. Cinema will always be an elusive concept, but Apostles doesn’t seem to clear anything up. … read more

Film Review: Babylon

While Babylon has hilarious moments and visual marvels scattered throughout its mammoth runtime, Chazelle never lets up on bombarding audiences with excess. … read more

Film Review: The Whale

The Whale is an unrelentingly repulsive and degrading film that does everything in its power to treat its lead character as if he were part of a freak show. … read more

Film Review: Emancipation

Given the current climate where too many Americans want to downplay or ignore the history and lingering effects of slavery, Emancipation deserves to be seen. … read more

Film Review: Four Samosas

The team behind Four Samosas clearly put a lot of thought and finesse into its presentation—if only they had a more polished script to present. … read more

Jonathan Kasdan On the Magic of Willow

Jonathan Kasdan, writer of Solo: A Star Wars Story, talks about the creative direction of Disney+'s Willow and its Star Wars connection. … read more

Film Review: Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar: The Way of Water commits all of the major sins of an unnecessary sequel and delivers big disappointment for fans and a smug affirmation for detractors. … read more

Film Review: Empire of Light

Director Sam Mendes returns to his roots with the intimate character drama Empire of Light, the latest entry in the "love letter to the movies" genre.  … read more

Film Review: Nr. 10

Nr. 10 understands what it means to be a sci-fi film, even if it has some trouble connecting the dots. … read more

Film Review: Violent Night

Starring David Harbour, Violent Night is a naughty treat that makes the nice list for those needing an edgier alternative to Hallmark movies. … read more

Film Review: Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is yet another endlessly entertaining watch as well as a satisfying showcase of quality genre filmmaking. … read more

Film Review: Salvatore: Shoemaker of Dreams

Salvatore: Shoemaker of Dreams is a sincere effort, yet it remains an unimaginative, paint-by-numbers piece of filmmaking entry for a generally great director. … read more

A Humble Prayer: A Conversation with THIS WAS THE PLACE...

Nathan Manuel's four-part documentary THIS WAS THE PLACE is devoted to exploring what land means to the Indigenous people living in Salt Lake City. … read more

Film Review: Pivot Pals

Despite the apparent commentary on things like masculinity and grief, Pivot Pals’ ending message is a familiar one of kindness and friendship. … read more

Film Review: Strange World

Strange World is a throwback to the popular pulp of the ’40s and ’50s and updated for modern audiences with progressive sensibilities. … read more

Film Review: The Fabelmans

The Fabelmans, Steven Spielberg’s intimate self-portrait, is the film that I've been waiting to see for most of my life.   … read more

Film Review: Bones and All

It's fair to say that Luca Guadagnino's cannibal love story, Bones and All, is the perfect film for the Thanksgiving holiday. … read more

Film Review: Low Life

Low Life fell short of its lofty aspirations, too heavy for a horror movie and too cheesy to be a drama, dragging on forever, and killing the building tension. … read more

Film Review: Aftersun

Behind the soft cinematography and melancholic pace of Aftersun—director Charlotte Wells’ feature debut—is a heart wrenching tale of a father-daughter vacation. … read more

Film Review: She Said

At a time when the #metoo movement is experiencing heartbreaking setbacks, She Said will hopefully serve as a rallying cry—victim's voices will not be silenced. … read more

Film Review: The Menu

The intriguing new horror comedy The Menu serves up a rich, exquisite premise with plenty of flavor, yet the meal feels frustratingly undercooked. … read more

Film Review: Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio 

Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio is an inspired labor of love, a dream project for the director that has been a long time in the making, and manages to stand out...

To Leslie, Thanks For Everything, Stephen Root

While you may not know the name Stephen Root off the top of your head, you've almost certainly seen him or heard his voice in multiple films or television series...

Film Review: Wildhood

Beautifully shot with solid performances, Wildhood offers a touching story of two indigenous brothers on a trip in search of their First Nation Mother. … read more

Film Review: Triangle of Sadness

This year's Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or winner, Triangle of Sadness follows an influencer couple as they depart on a luxury cruise. … read more

Film Review: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Whether Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is one of 2022's hits rests largely on whether the film's somber tone will lend itself to repeat viewings. … read more

Film Review: Armageddon Time

The semi-autobiographical feature has become a major trend among top-tier directors, and Armageddon Time desperately wants to be counted among them. … read more

Film Review: American Murderer

Being that American Murderer focused on one of America’s most interesting killers, its overall execution feels fairly dry. … read more

Film Review: Enola Holmes 2

The arrival of Enola Holmes 2 signals that the young star has brought the streaming giant the one thing they've had trouble finding: a genuine movie franchise. … read more

Film Review: The Banshees of Inisherin

The Banshees of Inisherin is an instant classic, a perfect blend of the absurd and the profound, and it's likely to be one of the defining films of 2022. … read more

Film Review: Decision To Leave

Decision to Leave is a spellbinding experience, a transportive trip back in time to a different era of filmmaking that brings enough ingenuity and modern edge. … read more

Henry Selick Is Back For More Spooky Fun with Wendell...

Wendell & Wild is another triumph for a Henry Selick, handling weighty topics for thoughtful discussion—grab your popcorn for the movie event of Halloween. … read more

Film Review: All Quiet on the Western Front 

All Quiet on the Western Front should be required viewing as a counterpoint for young people who are considering joining the Armed Forces. … read more

Film Review: Till

Whether or not Till is among the most cutting-edge films of the year, it's a powerful experience with a sense of urgency and truth that demands to be seen. … read more

Film Review: Black Adam

While Black Adam gets pretty dumb at times, viewing it in the right conditions may bring you around—you might even want to see it twice. … read more

Film Review: The School for Good and Evil

A good tween recommendation with themes of superficial ideas of good and evil, The School for Good and Evil is campy & witchy—perfect for the Halloween season. … read more

Film Review: Squeal

If you’re interested in an odd, international, indie-folk fairy tale that will leave you dizzy trying to discern meaning, then Squeal is worth the watch. … read more

Film Review: Framing Agnes

Framing Agnes is a visual treat and focuses on the stories of trans and gender-nonconforming people during a study in the 1960's specifically Agnes Torres. … read more

Film Review: Tár

Todd Field's dry approach isn’t going to work for everyone, but if you love great music and great acting, Tár hits all the right notes. … read more

Film Review: Halloween Ends

One can’t help but be emotional seeing Jamie Lee Curtis continue to re-create and break the rules of what a final girl is and can be in Halloween Ends. … read more

Sam Levy On Shooting Confess, Fletch

Murder mystery comedy Confess, Fletch proves to be a perfect fit as Sam Levy’s next feature, and there's no mystery as to why he chose to do the film. … read more

Julian Higgins Takes The Western Into New Territory

God's Country is a meticulously crafted, thought-provoking film establishing Julian Higgins as one of the boldest rising talents in the industry today. … read more

Film Review: Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile 

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile is a thoroughly entertaining, good-hearted and well-made little gem that deserves to be looked upon with an open mind. … read more

Film Review: Master

If Master had leaned a little more into the frightening reality we live in rather than its ghost story, perhaps it would be worthy of a strong recommendation. … read more

Episode #408 – Sunpuppy

Salt Lake–based Jazz trio Sunpuppy come on SLUG Soundwaves to discuss the process of creating original music after nearly a year of playing covers at local restaurants.

Episode #407 – Threar

Post-hardcore group Threar talk about the origins of their bleak, distorted sound, their songwriting process and how they excise their emotions through music. … read more

Episode #406 – Meraki Rozes

Salt Lake City–based alternative music Meraki Rozes discusses the concept behind her debut full-length, THE UNDERWORLD OF ENDLESS WANDERING. … read more

Episode #405 – Beeson

Fresh off of her win at Velour's Battle of  the Bands, Utah County–based artist Jane Beeson talks about her band, named Beeson, her songwriting style and more.  … read more

Episode #404 – Endless Struggle

Utah punk group Endless Struggle on their history in SLC's punk and alternative scenes, their return to music after a long hiatus and their upcoming album. … read more

Episode #403 – Mykah

Born from challenging upbringing, MYKAH's music career reflects the determination she feels toward life's professional and personal obstacles. … read more

Episode #402 – Trainsurfing

On the latest episode of SLUG Soundwaves, Salt Lake City rock band Trainsurfing discusses the collective love of heavy music that led to their EP Bitter. … read more

Episode #401 – &Knuckles

&Knuckles vocalist and guitarist Josh Derieg discusses the band's origins, their debut album, Songs to Stop Folding Your Arms To, and more. … read more

Episode #400 – Brain Detergent

Local techno producer and synthesizer wizard Brain Detergent comes to SLUG Soundwaves to discuss his long history with electronic music, synthesis and more. … read more

Episode #399 – Scott Lippitt

Listen to Scott Lippitt discuss his musical journey, meditation and more alongside tracks from his upcoming album, Meaning Maker, to be released on Oct. 7.  … read more

Episode #398 – Blair Street

Soundwaves Episode #398 features SLUG Picnic performers Blair Street, a Utah band who combine indie, pop, latin rock sounds and more into their own blend. … read more

Episode #397 – Who Killed Candace

SLC’s up-and-coming Who Killed Candace—consisting of Hanna (vocals), Mal (guitar) and Levi (bass) and KJ (drums)—are a force to be reckoned with. … read more

Episode #396 – Mama’s Boy

The latest episode of "SLUG Soundwaves" features Mama's Boy, an artist who blends hip-hop, alternative and neo soul into a personalized sound. … read more

Episode #395 – Cotes

The latest episode of SLUG Soundwaves features Cotes, a Utah-based hip-hop artist who imbues his music with positivity and an ethos of self-betterment.  … read more

Episode #394 – English Budgies

Joe and Jenna Vickrey make up the core of English Budgies, described by Joe as “somewhere between indie and alt rock with some ... punk and electronic.” … read more

Episode #393 – Sunfish

Carter Sears paints a full picture of Sunfish’s sonic repertoire, from swinging synths to raspy glam rock vocals of a bygone era. … read more

Episode #392 – Homephone

With their first album release, Melon Collie, the duo of Homephone continued their penchant for easy and playful creation. … read more

Episode #391 – The Plastic Cherries

Local indie pop outfit Plastic Cherries joined SLUG Soundwaves to discuss the band’s recent beginnings, their new album, Sunshine and more. … read more

Episode #390 – Sofia Scott on Genderfuq

Local musician Sofia Scott comes to SLUG Soundwaves to discuss the annual Genderfuq event. Buy tickets to this year's event at … read more

Episode #389 – Bobo

Local indie pop musician Bobo comes to SLUG Soundwaves to discuss her new album, Bobo II, and more. … read more

Episode #388 – Form of Rocket

Form of Rocket's Curtis Jensen joined us on SLUG Soundwaves to talk about the band's 20-plus-year history and their new cassette release. … read more

Episode #387 – UPHERE! Records

Tom Petterson (label manager) and Brady Flores (founder and co-owner) of UPHERE! Records discuss their start as a record label and their upcoming Ukraine benefit compilation. Formed during the pandemic,...

Episode #386 – Nahum Reyes

Nahum Reyes is a Salt Lake–based musician who plays with local rock trio Lord Vox and makes solo music under the name Ages the Poet. … read more

Episode #385 – AMEA

Listen to the latest SLUG Soundwaves with AMEA, a local musical artist and sociologist with a big heart and a focus on community. … read more

Episode #384 – Daytime Lover

Daytime Lover's Moriah Glazier explains that their songs aren’t just journal entries—she challenges herself to be more vulnerable with the goal of encouraging the same in others. … read more

Episode #383 – Jacob T. Skeen

Jacob T. Skeen comes to SLUG Soundwaves to discuss the influences behind his album Death, Thou Shalt Die, what it takes to be a "monoband" and more.  … read more

Episode #382 – The Pho3nix Child

The Pho3nix Child comes to "SLUG Soundwaves" to discuss their artistic evolution, the Utah music scene and their upcoming album. … read more