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The Rose Club Thorn Bowl @ Crossroads Skateshop 10.02

The success of this event was felt throughout the community and it is sure to become a highlight of the Utah skate scene for years to come. … read more

Bryton Elias: The Artist and the Line 

For Bryton Elias, the shapes in his art emanate from childhood memories and personal freedom granted from within one’s own head.  … read more

Magical Endowment: The Mormon Endowment Tarot of Gazelam Ale

Gazelam Ale's tarot deck is a source of magical inspiration and a tool to catalyze creativity, as well as a way to preserve the Endowment. … read more

SLUG Style: Abigail Marie Nielson of Paul Mitchell The School

For this special edition of our monthly “SLUG Style” column, SLUG partnered with Paul Mitchell The School for a styling contest. … read more

They Reminisce: A Retrospective on Hip-Hop Culture

1520 Arts' hip-hop showcase They Reminisce is an apparent labor of love which pays respects to both the past and the future. … read more

The Second Annual Kilby Block Party Is a “Return to...

Kilby Court—Salt Lake City’s longest-running all-ages music venue—remains with its doors open to music artists and music lovers alike. … read more

Barrel Master #2 Rye Whiskey Pre-Sale Event @ Sugar House...

Guests arrived quickly to Sugar House Distillery and enjoyed tastings of not only the new release but of their classics as well. … read more

Bold & Beautiful: Agony Ray

Whether she’s singing live in a digital show or raising fear in a clever stage performance, Agony Ray is a queen you remember. … read more

SLUG Style: Yadel Huest

Let’s consider ourselves blessed as we take a look at these artful and striking looks that Yadel Huest has in store on the regular. … read more

Lacto Fervere: Inviting Bacteria to the Table

When it comes to creating your own lacto fermentations, understanding the “how” isn’t as important as understanding the “why.” … read more

Bold & Beautiful – SLUG LGBTQ+: Jazzmine Pike

Dance is a main part of Jazzmine Pike’s life—it’s been a way to tell her own personal story—but what Pike does isn't just dance. … read more

SLUG Style: Icky Rogers

Like the conceptual layers in his music, Icky Rogers embraces layering in his style and splashes it with accents that reflect his own taste. … read more

Taking Charge of the Narrative with Reneé Stirling-DeHaan

Reneé Stirling-DeHaan knew that harmful messages about disability couldn’t continue, and so her book, To Be Different Is Beautiful, was born. … read more

The 13th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival Presented By...

This was only the second year the Craft Lake City DIY Fest took place at the Utah State Fairpark, and it saw lots of exciting changes. … read more

The Wolf Girl: A Look Inside Halley Bruno’s Art

For SLUG’s T-shirt design contest, Halley Bruno’s interpretation of SLUG as a skateboarding dog won, but her artistic love began earlier. … read more

Bold & Beautiful: Terra Flesh

Terra Flesh possesses a tenacious spirit and radiant energy, infectious qualities that bode well for the future of Utah's drag community. … read more

SLUG Style: Brittany Watts

Whether you spy her at the bar or turning it up at the airport, Brittany Watts loves what she wears—and wears it with verve. … read more

SLUG Mag’s 2021 Brewstillery @ Artspace City Center 07.10

SLUG Mag's 2021 Brewstillery celebrated Utah’s breweries and distilleries, offering tastings of local beer and spirits from over 30 vendors. … read more

Sophie Schwabacher: Tapping Beer Nostalgia with Watercolor

Sophie Schwabacher is the gallery manager at Salt Lake City’s Modern West, where you can see her first-ever publicly displayed art series. … read more

Schmigadoon! Brings Mystical Musical Magic to AppleTV+

Schmigadoon! is is an energetic mix of old-fashioned musical fun with modern sensibilities, making it an entertaining highlight of the summer. … read more

Review: FINNEAS – Optimist

FINNEAS = Conan Gray x Alec Benjamin … read more

Review: Jeremiah M. Carter and Chelsea Bridge – The Way...

Jeremiah M. Carter and Chelsea Bridge = Eric Zann + Anne Guthrie … read more

Local Review: the moss – Kentucky Derby

the moss = The Backseat Lovers + Slaughter Beach, Dog + Kurt Vile … read more

Emmylou Harris @ Red Butte Garden 09.30 w/ Marisa Anderson...

Renowned singer-songwriter Emmylou Harris and acoustic act Marisa Anderson & William Tyler were welcomed to the Red Butte Garden stage. … read more

Rancid @ Rio Tinto 10.02 w/ Dropkick Murphys and The...

An eager crowed began to assemble along Rio Tinto Stadium to enter the U Of U Health Plaza, lining up early Saturday evening. … read more

Local Review: The Psychsomatics – Seams of Expectation

The Psychsomatics = Arctic Monkeys + Tame Impala … read more

Local Review: jives – wait for me

jives =  Epona + Kainbeats … read more

Local Review: Icarus Phoenix – No tree can grow to...

Icarus Phoenix = Coconut Records + Spoon + Silver Jews … read more

Local Review: Pixie And The Partygrass Boys – Snake Creek

Pixie And The Partygrass Boys = Sturgill Simpson + The Knitters … read more

St. Vincent @ Twilight Concert Series 09.18

Tulsa’s own indie-rocker Annie Clark aka St. Vincent gave The Gallivan Center a gorgeous early-autumn night on the town last Saturday. … read more

Review: Buffalo Daughter – We Are The Times

Buffalo Daughter = OOIOO + Gorillaz + Cornelius … read more

half•alive @ The Depot 09.13 w/ slenderbodies

half•alive and slenderbodies provided an amazing show that had the concrete floor flexing with all the happy, dancing feet of the attendance. … read more

Review: Amyl & the Sniffers – Comfort to Me

Ramones x Control Top + the Party-in-the-Back Half of Courtney Barnetts Mullet … read more


BLACKSHAPE = Alpha Male Tea Party + This Will Destroy You … read more

Perfume Genius @ Metro Music Hall 09.07 w/ Hand Habits

Perfume Genius' body movements and stage performance replicated the emotional intensity of his music perfectly as he swayed sensuality. … read more

Mountain Movers: Moving More Than Mountains

While the virus pulled a lot of things apart, the members of Mountain Movers were brought closer together, resulting in an exciting new sound. … read more

youngassNICO, Phobia the Greatest and MOD @ August SLUG Picnic...

SLUG's outdoor concert series, SLUG Picnic, returned this August with an explosion of late-summer heat and enthusiastic showmanship. … read more

Noah Cyrus w/ Ant Clemons @ Ogden Twilight 09.04

It feels like we are all pretty damn glad to get back to the gigs. Ogden Twilight is doing a pretty damn fine job making that happen.  … read more

Local Review: Bly Wallentine – Dizzy Giant

Bly Wallentine = Sufjan Stevens + Gary Wilson (Tormented) + Soft Hair … read more

Review: Halsey – If I Can’t Have Love, I Want...

Halsey = Joan Jett x 5sos x Avril Lavigne  … read more

Staying in Tune to Survive: An Interview with Lexagon

Cross-species communes and metaphysical kinships inhabit the experimental sound worlds of Alexa Burrell's new Lexagon record, Feminine Care. … read more

Local Review: Adult Prom – Mild Horses

Adult Prom = Beach Fossils + Mac DeMarco + Stephen Steinbrink … read more

Local Review: Los Vii – Ephemera

Los Vii = HOMESHAKE + Mac DeMarco + Tame Impala … read more

Local Review: Crook & The Bluff – MONOLITHS

Crook & The Bluff = The Blasters + John Doe + Rush … read more

Review: Angry Blackmen – REALITY!

Angry Blackmen = Death Grips + JPEGMAFIA + Wolf Eyes … read more

Wilco and Sleater-Kinney @ Red Butte Garden 08.08 w/ NNAMDï

Red Butte Garden concerts are back in full swing, making a triumphant return after a long, COVID-imposed hiatus. … read more

Review: Iceburn – Asclepius

Iceburn = Melvins + Sleep + Intronaut … read more

Review: Sunk Heaven – THE FVCKHEAѪTED LVNG

Sunk Heaven = Daughters + Coil + Throbbing Gristle … read more

Local Review: The Painted Roses – Stone Cold Killer

The Painted Roses = Temples + Liz Cooper + The Growlers … read more

Film Review: The Family

The Family is a film overflowing with interesting ideas, but it is so overstuffed that it fails to flesh out any of them. … read more

Film Review: Dune

Is Denis Villenueve's epic adaptation of the seminal science fiction novel, Dune the predestined box office savior that has been prophesied? … read more

Film Review: Ron’s Gone Wrong

Ron’s Gone Wrong is pure joy, and it's the kind of film that encapsulates everything there is to love about the moviegoing experience. … read more

Noah Wyle Talks Pulling Off Cons With The Pros on...

It’s been almost 9 years since the hit series Leverage ended its successful run, but as Yogi Berra said, “it ain’t over till it’s over.” … read more

Film Review: The Last Duel

The Last Duel explores justice, abuse, cowardice, bravery and responsibility and examines what honor means in real life and on screen. … read more

Film Review: I’m Your Man

I’m Your Man is a romantic dramedy with substance, charm and a sad sense of the frustrations of love, relationships and life goals. … read more

Content Shifter: 9 1991 Horror Movies to Stream

Here are nine horror movies from 1991 to remind you how good you have it during spooky season 30 years later. … read more

Film Review: Lamb

Lamb is a unique and deeply atmospheric film that stands out as unlike anything that’s hit theaters all year. … read more

Cinematographer Sam Levy Talks Mayday, a Feminist Fantasy That is...

Mayday is a unique film and, hopefully, the first of many feature-length collaborations between Sam Levy and Karen Cinorre. … read more

Film Review: The Addams Family 2

The Addams Family 2 snaps along with a certain degree of rhythm and has just enough of a sense of morbid fun to be surprisingly watchable. … read more

Film Review: Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Venom: Let There Be Carnage ranks far below Daredevil and Ghost Rider for Marvel-inspired movies and ranks among the worst films of the year. … read more

Film Review: The Guilty

The Guilty is a satisfying thriller that dares to tackle some timely themes. Kudos to Gyllenhaal for a performance which anchors the film. … read more

Film Review: No Time To Die

Not Time To Die is worth the wait, and it’s an exit that is worthy of the most interesting version of Bond that we’ve seen to date. … read more

Film Review: The Many Saints of Newark

The Many Saints of Newark has some terrific lead performances, including some of Ray Liotta’s best work in decades. … read more

Film Review: Surge

Surge fails as a compelling narrative but is buttressed by Ben Whishaw’s impeccable performance and one or two wonderful setpieces. … read more

Film Review: Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen gets a few points for trying to address weighty issues, but it's one high school movie that simply doesn’t make the grade. … read more

Leah Harvey Lays the Foundation For a New Take on...

It doesn’t take a psychohistorian to foresee a bright future ahead for Leah Harvey, who stars as Salvor Hardin in sci-fi series Foundation. … read more

Film Review: The Starling

The Starling isn’t entirely without merit. But it’s as artificial and weak as big-budget Hollywood dramedies get. … read more

Film Review: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

There’s no question in my mind that Everybody's Talking About Jamie will be embraced by many as a modern classic. … read more

Film Review: Cry Macho

Cry Macho isn't the best swan song Clint Eastwood could ever hope for, but it would be far from the worst. … read more

Film Review: The Alpinist

The Alpinist does its best to follow Leclerc as he travels from peak to peak with no cameras, no rope and no margin for error. … read more

Film Review: The Lost Leonardo

Unravelling the hidden agendas of the world's richest men, this film reveals how truth became secondary to vested interests. … read more

Film Review: The Eyes of Tammy Faye

For a film about people who profess to be instruments of God, there is surprisingly little revelation on display in The Eyes of Tammy Faye. … read more

Content Shifter: 9 Fall TV Losers You Can’t Stream

The fall TV season brings new contenders to the entertainment table, but at least it doesn't include these "Content Shifter" losers. … read more

Film Review: The Card Counter

The Card Counter is moody and depressing at times, but it has a lot to say and kept me so glued to the screen that I barely blinked. … read more

Film Review: Small Engine Repair

Small Engine Repair is a remarkable film—a darkly comedic, nail-bitingly tense and, at times, emotional work that defies easy categorization. … read more

Filmmaker Nick Fituri Scown Takes on Laughter and Tears with...

Too Soon: Comedy After 9/11 is a unique look at the first defining moment of the century and it's a poignant portrait of the human spirit. … read more

Film Review: Worth

When Worth kicks into gear, it’s a moving and interesting story that captures both a collective and individual experience. … read more

Film Revew: Cinderella

Cinderella feels more like Sunday-night television than a movie, but it’s just enjoyable enough, and well-intentioned enough, to get a pass. … read more

Series Review: Only Murders in the Building

Only Murders in the Building has an old-fashioned murder-mystery-in-a-modern-setting feel that’s a lot of fun. … read more

Film Review: Candyman

Candyman is dark, bloody and disturbing, and it reminded me how good horror can be when it’s got the right hook. … read more

Film Review: Not Going Quietly

Not Going Quietly isn’t always easy to watch, but it’s a lot more hopeful than you might expect, and never manipulative. … read more

Film Review: Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is filled with kung fu and narrow escapes and is exhilarating and insanely fun. … read more

Episode #374 – Toothpicks

On the latest "SLUG Soundwaves," local garage rock band Toothpicks discuss the process behind their new album, Gonzo Journalists Are Pretty. … read more

Episode #373 – Courtney Lane

On the latest "SLUG Soundwaves," Courtney Lane discusses their journey from the stiff world of classical music to a community-focused mindset. … read more

Episode #372 – MOD

Local musician MOD’s music reaches beyond the borders of genre and welcomes a collage of different sounds and musical approaches. … read more

Episode #371 – SONIALOXO

Sharing her music has helped local pop and R&B musician SONIALOXO grow to be a person who doesn’t care what others think. … read more

Episode #370 – Swarmer

It’s local metal group Swarmer’s spirit of sharing and willingness to combine ideas that leads to the group’s distinct sound. … read more

Episode #369 – Scheissters

After previous experiences in bands where lyrics were meaningless, Scheissters aim to do something different with their music-making process. … read more

Episode #368 – Nicole Canaan

Wherever was not only Nicole Canaan’s first EP, but her first time sharing her songs and all the emotions packed into them with someone else. … read more

Episode #367 – Iceburn

Episode #367 of "SLUG Soundwaves" features Gentry Densley from veteran experimental punk group Iceburn discussing their new album, Asclepius. … read more

Episode #366 – Backhand

For this episode of "SLUG Soundwaves," Jake and Ben Owens talk about the inspirational experiences behind local punk band Backhand. … read more

Episode #365 – Ritt Momney

Instead of sealing himself in a box for the sake of recognizability, Jack Rutter explores many shades of his personality through Ritt Momney. … read more

Episode #364 – Rade

Experiences with and observations of American injustice have led Rade to funnel their frustrations and encourage change through music. … read more

Episode #363 – Suit Up, Soldier

For Suit Up, Soldier, things are already looking up for a successful album release, with as a host of performances already lined up. … read more

Episode #362 – Dogma Society

Episode #362 of "SLUG Soundwaves" features the Utah-born collective Dogma Society discussing their roots, their rise and their future. … read more

Episode #361 – Portal to the God...

Episode #361 of "SLUG Soundwaves" showcases Scott and Clark of local avant-everything group Portal to the God Damn Blood Dimension. … read more

Episode #360 – La La Diabla

La La Diabla draws inspiration from garage and surf rock and delivers their sound through a punk aesthetic that is as noisy as it is groovy. … read more