Issue 362 – February 2019 cover art

february Issue

About the Cover: For our 30th Anniversary Edition, Robin Banks depicts people in our scene reading current and past SLUG magazines while listening to our local music. Death By Salt compilation series. Its punky color palette jibes with SLUG's continual endeavors to celebrate our community's cultural fringes. You can find more of Banks' work at

Photo: @clancycoop
Scary Uncle Steve are a band that exists on its own plane, not just in sound, but in personality. Photo Credit: John Barkiple
Director of the Festival John Cooper introducing the Directors of IFC's Documentary Now!
Talos | Far Out Dust | BMG
Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love | Nicholas Broomfield | Photo: Nicholas Broomfield
The Infiltrators | Alex Rivera, Cristina Ibarra | Photo: Lisa Rinzler
Brother. | Volume II | Self-Released
Sonnets | Of Wrath and Sorrow | Self-Released
Sex Room | InSnaketicide | Fullblone Records
Young Yankee | THE DEFIANT | Self-Released
Heather Grey | A Long, Cold Walk Home | Self-Released
In a certain sense, Bill Frost is the longest-standing SLUG Magazine contributor of us all. Bill Frost
Randy Vannurden – Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. Photo: Jack Dawe
Mike Brown thinks that Utah’s new .05 law blows … for the tourism industry. Illustration:
Unlocking the treasure, the pour is effortless. It surges into a willi glass with a gurgle of micro–air bubbles. Gathering to a head of pure-white foam, a shallow barrier is formed between the lips and the reward. Photo: Chris Hollands