Noelle Margetts’ ( Pride LGBTQ+ Issue cover design incorporates the imagery from their art for SLUG’s 2022 Pride t-shirts alongside a tapestry of characters, symbols and scenes that showcase the unbridled multiplicity of LGBTQ+ identity.

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An alternative monthly publication covering music, arts, culture, lifestyle, LGBTQ+, BIPOC communities and more in Salt Lake City.

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SLUG Mag’s 2022 Brewstillery @ Artspace City Center 06.18

Local distillers and brewers spent the day satiating thirst with some of the best libations Utah has to offer. SLUG Mag's Brewstillery 2022 had it all. … read more

Mestiza, or Mixed: A Utah-based Story of Mixed Identity and...

Plan-B Theatre presents Mestiza, or Mixed, a well-woven story of intersecting personal identities and how those play out in the world. … read more

Staples, Folds and Ink: Grid Zine Fest 2022

The zine scene in Utah and surrounding states is alive and well. Folded 8.5 x 11s, colored paper, fresh prints and wet ink abounded at the 2022 Grid Zine Fest....

SLC Pride Parade – 2022 Gallery

SLUG Magazine walked together after having just launched our Pride LGBTQ+ Issue days before, wearing matching purple t-shirts, designed by Noelle Margetts. … read more

Book Review: The Curious Case of Traveling Craft Beers

 The Curious Case of Traveling Craft Beers follows the story of two friends touring the galaxy in search of self-exploration through humorous science-fiction. … read more

Gorgeous Gorgeous Girl Groups: DJ Night at Alibi Bar &...

Flashback to the '60s with these gorgeous gorgeous girls and their garage rock, go-go dancing and terrific vintage girl groups. … read more

Collide Arts Festival @ Salt Lake School for Performing Arts...

On Saturday May 21, in the back of the Salt Lake School for Performing Arts (SPA), Collide Arts Fest was in full swing from 12–7 p.m. … read more

10th Annual SLUG Cat Presented By Fat Tire & Mark...

Last Saturday, bikers all across the valley made their way downtown to compete and hopefully be crowned the champion of the annual SLUG Cat Bike Race. … read more

SLUG Style: Cintia Lastra

Cintia Lastra's jewelry incorporates the new with the old, signifying her belief in healing and community that has grown alongside her love of roller skating. … read more

Fort Desolation Fest: Southern Utah’s Premier Overland Music Festival

Southern Utah has shown that it is ready to provide a home for upcoming festivals with the second annual Fort Desolation Fest, taking place Aug. 12–14.  … read more

Cultivating Connection with The Shop

Local co-working space The Shop, located at 350 E. 400 South in Salt Lake City, has a simple mission: help companies come together and build community. … read more

Art Access’ 300 Plates Celebrates 20 Years

This year’s 300 Plates places Art Access’ mission at the forefront, connecting the event to the important work of increasing accessibility in our community. … read more

Open House @ Space & Faders 5/1

Charles Thorpe took an industry-crushing blow when he started building Space and Faders in 2020. At its May 1 open house, Thorpe showed what he’s been working on since. … read more

Bold & Beautiful: Drag King Story Hour at Under the...

April's Drag King Story Hour at Under the Umbrella bookstore featured Korey Edgewood and Autumn the Oddity, each of whom performed a book for children. … read more

Not Just a Local Rapper: An Interview with Enzo

The ever-tenuous balance between blowing up and staying true to your roots—Utah-based hip-hop artist Enzo understands this quandary as well as anyone. … read more

Review: Norco

Norco, the point-and-click game from Geography of Robots, depicts a southern-gothic reality that tugs at how industry has irrevocably fucked us—and how we find ourselves picking up the pieces. … read more

Lighting the Flame of Your Own Baptismal Fire: Passing Strange...

The musical score and lighting of Passing Strange create a visceral push-and-pull between wanting to be included and needing to separate. … read more

Andy Farnsworth: You Don’t Wear A Birthday Hat To Your...

Comedian Andy Farnsworth will describe a feeling that seems so obvious when you hear it, but it’s something you yourself haven't been able to put into words. … read more

Bunny Hop @ Garage on Beck 04.17
By ,

Long-time Bunny Hop veterans and first-year hoppers ordered Mimosas and tore into the Garage on Beck’s brunch buffet as the sun warmed a chilly patio scene. … read more

Rethinking Rural/Urban Dichotomies at the Epicenter Spring Summit

2022’s Spring Summit gave professionals from around the state an historic chance to collaborate, network and plan for the future. … read more

SLUG Style: Jazmin Comley

Jazmin Comley is the Director of Sales and Marketing at UTOG Brewing. A craft beer enthusiast who designs UTOG's merch, Comley appreciates a unique fit. … read more

Transcending Into the Nether World: Remembering Dr. Zero Delorean

On March 29, 2022, Salt Lake City’s very own Dr. Zero Delorean (Hugh G. Vann) of DieMonsterDie transcended into the Nether realm. … read more

Alex Grobstein’s Petals of Perception

Grobstein's goal is to expel the boredom created by accepted realities. His paintings ask us, "What do we ignore in our effort to make sense of the world?" … read more

SLUG Style: Aline A. Bustios-Donoso

 Aline A. Bustios-Donoso is a photographer from Salt Lake City who draws inspiration from quotidian details, giving everyday forms, shapes and colors vibrancy. … read more

WholesomeCo: Why Haven’t You Gotten Your Medical Cannabis Card Yet?

WholesomeCo strives to make cannabis accessible by providing various medical cannabis services to patients with a state-issued medical card. … read more

The Backyard Jam @ Powder Mountain 3.12

The Backyard Jam at Powder Mountain was a free event focusing on women’s progression and community-building in snowboarding. … read more

The Field: A Film Showcase of Salt Lake’s Live Music...

The Field, brainchild of Only Loud's Alexander Blocher, comprises 2021 concert footage of 16 different Salt Lake-based bands into a feature-length film. … read more

Kevin Kirk Remembers Angie Kirk and Her Legacy at The...

On the afternoon of March 5, a pillar of SLC’s local music scene, The Heavy Metal Shop, suddenly lost co-owner Angie Kirk to leukemia. The shop, owned by Angie and

Pollen Path @ Lost Eden 3.04

Pollen Path was a resounding success, and all proceeds went toward Carry The Water—a new Indigenous Community healing garden in SLC. … read more

Bold & Beautiful: Sofia Scott – SLC Rock Queen Making...
By ,

An advocate, performer, musician and bad ass friend, Sofia Scott has been working within the LGBTQIA+ community for many years now. … read more

Bold & Beautiful: Lady Onyx

Lady Onyx has ditched notions of soft and acceptable, instead embracing a femininity that is more dangerous and unapologetically herself. … read more

Play Review: Egress

Egress is a psychological thriller about a woman (and, in some instances, you), who is an expert in safety working as an architectural professor. … read more

SLUG Style: Molly Heller

Molly Heller is a dancer and performance artist whose style emanates from her belief in improvisation as a way of making sense of the world. … read more

SLUG’s 33rd Anniversary and Death By Salt Release Party

Each set of SLUG's 33rd Anniversary and Death By Salt VI Release Party exemplified its genre, and the crowd matched the shift in energy each time as they swooned over...

Review: Scout Island – Laurentian Voyage

Scout Island = Peter Buck + early/mid-era New Order + The Church … read more

Local Review: Zigga – Not Enough

Salt Lake artist Zigga combines pop, funk, hip-hop and now rock in his most recent release, Not Enough to create a standout album. … read more

She & Him Melt Away Tour – A Tribute to...

Deschanel was stunning. Her vocals were incredible—especially considering the chilly, night air—during this She & Him tribute show to Brian Wilson at Red Butte. … read more

Local Review: Kipper Snack – Pretty as a Flower

Kipper Snack = Elephant Overdrive + Seabear + Daddy’s Beemer  … read more

Review: Panda Riot – Extra Cosmic

Panda Riot = Beach House x My Bloody Valentine + Pinkshinyultrablast  … read more

MJ Noble on Finding Her Sound In Her New Album,...

Fused with the newfound musical freedom of musician and producer MJ Noble, Kind Blade’s playful folklore elevates the album into something truly original. … read more

Local Review: Columbia Jones – I’m Fine

SLC artist Columbia Jones displays his versatile talent for rock, blues and folk genres in his sophomore release I'm Fine. … read more

Spoon w/ Geese @ The Complex 05.25

Austin TX alternative, experimental rock band Spoon headlined a live show in downtown Salt Lake City at The Complex on May 25. … read more

Review: Diatom Deli – Time~Lapse Nature

Diatom Deli = Marina Allen + Tirzah … read more

Kilby Block Party 3 @ Library Square May 13–14
By , ,

For the third time, Kilby Block Party returned, with a lineup of astounding artists to fill the music festival void we've all been feeling the past two years. … read more

Alleyways Amplified: Highlighting the Utah Hip-Hop Scene

Featuring Gavanni, Snicks and Peech, the first Alleyways Amplified concert will be a different experience than what you get at other venues around the city. … read more

Macy Kate on Spring Fest ’22 and Growing Her Sound...

Palak Jayswal interviews independent artist Macy Kate on her experience at Spring Fest '22, her recent growth as an artist and what's in store for her future. … read more

Schellraiser: The Inaugural Music Festival Putting the Boom Back into...

Schellraiser Music Festival is a new music festival in Ely, Nevada, whose proceeds will go directly into restoring train tracks between Ely and McGill, Nevada. … read more

Review: Say Sue Me – The Last Thing Left

Say Sue Me = Snail Mail + Mazzy Star + Feist … read more

Divine Feminine: Luna13’s Bass Metal and Burlesque

Luna13 draw from metal, bass, burlesque and more to create a gothic, theatrical embrace of the feminine side of darkness. … read more

Big Thief @ Metro Music Hall 4/30

Adrianne Lenker is a singular songbird, a rare storyteller with a bleeding heart and a steely resolve. I am better for having seen Big Thief live. … read more

Local Review: Hoofless – Ad Nauseam

Self described as “chamber punk” and “orchestral post rock,'' Hoofless have created a memorable EP with Ad Nauseam. … read more

Review: Spiritualized – Everything Was Beautiful

Spiritualized = Robert Pollard + David Bowie … read more

Review: Erica Eso – 192

Erica Eso = Yves Tumor + HOMESHAKE … read more

Review: Let’s Eat Grandma – Two Ribbons

Let’s Eat Grandma = Japanese Breakfast + Charli XCX  … read more

Local Review: Fearless Union – The Supreme Leader

The Supreme Leader by Fearless Union is an interesting album to listen to and a nightmare to try to describe and the band is all over the electronic map. … read more


DISCO 4 is incredibly welcome after 2019’s Vol. 4: Slaves of Fear, which was excellent, but felt no more transcendent than 2015’s masterful Death Magic. … read more

Local Review: Sanyo Static – Digital On-Screen Graphic

Sanyo Static’s most recent release, Digital On-Screen Graphic, is a piece of work that’s best described as musique concrète. … read more

Review: Vundabar – Devil for the Fire

Vundabar = Surf Curse x The Cure … read more

Local Review: Capo – Camp Crush

Camp Crush by Capo, released February 18, feels like a ’90s shoegaze fever dream set to a hip hop drum beat. … read more

Good Morning @ The Beehive 04.08 w/ Lapdog

Fisher and West Huish of Lapdog have always wanted to play with Australian duo Good Morning. April 8's show at The Beehive provided just the opportunity. … read more

Local Review: Marcus Koncar – Pretty Things Seldom Do

Marcus Koncar’s Pretty Things Seldom Do is a sad album, but Koncar has a rare, authentic sort of earnestness and perception. … read more

Review: Oceanator – Nothing’s Ever Fine

Oceanator = Skunk Anansie + Jeff Rosenstock + Ocatavia E. Butler … read more

Review: Rafael de Toledo Pedroso – Coração de Pássaro

Rafael de Toledo Pedroso = Rosalía + Okay Kaya … read more

Review: Howless – To Repel Ghosts

Howless = New Order + Slowdive … read more

Review: Guerilla Toss – Famously Alive

Guerilla Toss = Grateful Dead + Talking Heads + Pond … read more

Review: Los Pao Paos – Los Pao Paos

Los Pao Paos = Green Day + Sonido Gallo Negro + Rema … read more

Local Review: Vinyl Koala – Vinyl Koala

Vinyl Koala = The Beach Boys + The Psychsomatics … read more

Local Review: Chris Bjornn – Killer Tofu

Chris Bjornn = James Taylor + John Denver + Blood Warrior … read more

Joywave @ The Complex 3.10 w/ Almost Monday

Joywave's bevy of up-tempo, fun and catchy tunes kept the Thursday show going, giving the weekday crowd a show worth wading through Salt Lake’s dreary evening. … read more

Review: Kee Avil – Crease

Kee Avil = Björk + Fiona Apple + Colin Stetson … read more

K.Flay @ The Complex 3.05 w/ Kid Sistr

K.Flay's performance at The Complex delivered on her signature in-your-face energy, amplified by the frenetic slush storm surrounding the March night. … read more

Review: Allegra Krieger – Precious Thing

Allegra Krieger = Becky Stark + a dash of Nick Drake … read more

Local Review: Rebel Rebel – See You In Hell

Rebel Rebel = The Fratellis + The Killers … read more

Review: LEYA – Eyeline

LEYA = Aphex Twin + Eartheater … read more

Briston Maroney @ Soundwell 2.25 w/ Genieve Stokes

Maroney went above and beyond expectations and did it with a fervor so intense that only someone with a true love and passion for the craft could achieve. … read more

Local Review: Drusky – In Transit

Drusky = The Pale White + Hand Habits … read more

Film Review: The Phantom of the Open

The Phantom of the Open left me feeling invigorated and rejuvenated, and it’s on par with some of the best films of the genre. … read more

Home is Where the Heart is For Davey Fest

The idea of kicking off the 2022 edition of the Davey Fest with a screening of My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell it To felt right to the Cuartas...

Film Review: Elvis

As a spectacle and an experience, Luhrman's Elvis is satisfying and invigorating, a rhinestone-studded summer extravaganza done with skill and love. … read more

Interview: Makeup Designer Donald Mowat

Donald Mowat, the Oscar-nominated makeup designer on Dune, No Time To Die and Moon Knight, grew up to be the guy who makes our heroes look good. … read more

Film Review: The Lost Girls

The Lost Girls, a retelling of Peter Pan from a female perspective, is a treatise on trying to avoid growing up that merely left me trying to avoid throwing up....

Film Review: Lightyear

Lightyear proves itself more of a children's sci-fi action movie than a Toy Story prequel. The memorable cast make Lightyear an out-of-this-world summer flick. … read more

Film Review: Benediction

There's much to admire in Terence Davies' newest film, and the best elements of Benediction easily carry it through the weaker moments. … read more

Film Review: Jurassic World Dominion

Jurassic World Dominion is a bit of a mess, and while I enjoyed it a lot, I simply can't call it a genuinely good film and keep any credibility as...

Film Review: Watcher

Watcher is a thoroughly satisfying suspense movie that proves that a film doesn't have to take an in-your-face approach to get inside your head. … read more

Interview: Love, Algorithms and Ted Lasso Intersect in Pragma

Pragma, a short film from Lucy Heath, Ellie Heydon and Phil Dunster, is a clever British comedy making a world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 10. … read more

Film Review: Hustle

If you're looking for something without CGI but aren't quite in the mood for challenging arthouse fare, Hustle scores enough points to make it a winning choice. … read more

Film Review: Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future is definitely not for all tastes, though fans of Cronenberg, and lovers of the macabre, will likely find it to be a must-see. … read more

Interview: The Politics, Corruption and Comedy of 18½ 

18½ is a wild and memorable comedy reminiscent of the classic subversive satires of Robert Altman with a freshness that’s all its own. … read more

Film Review: Interceptor

There are much worthier ways to waste your time and brain cells than Interceptor and too many superior steaming options to make it worth giving a chance. … read more

Film Review: Top Gun: Maverick

When you're planning your summer moviegoing fun, I would strongly suggest making Top Gun: Maverick your top priority, and yes, see it in IMAX. … read more

Series Review: Stranger Things: Season 4, Volume 1

Volume 1 will keep you hooked all the way to the end of episode seven. The bad news, of course, is that we have to wait until July for Season...

The World is a Dangerous Playground in Eskil Vogt’s The...

Patrick Gibbs interviews Eskil Voigt, the writer and director of The Innocents, about how his film about children with super powers came to fruition. … read more

Film Review: Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers is an eye-popping, gut-busting knee slapper that is likely to be among the most satisfying films of the summer movie season. … read more

Film Review: Men

Men had me spellbound from beginning to end, but even for those who are familiar with Garland's work, it's a film that requires patience and effort. … read more

Film Review: Senior Year

Senior Year is crass and stupid, and yet there are just enough working elements to make the film something you'll have an easy enough time streaming once. … read more

Glenn Close and Niv Sultan on Tehran: Season 2

Patrick Gibbs interviews Niv Sultan and Glenn Close of the Apple TV+ series Tehran about the show and Close joining the series' second season. … read more

Film Review: The Duke

The Duke is the kind of film that gives feel-good movies a good name, and it’s proof that even if crime doesn’t pay, it can be incredibly entertaining. … read more

Film Review: Pompo: The Cinephile

The fan base of the original manga would indicate there's an audience for Pompo: The Cinephile, but its appeal and audience feel specific and niche. … read more

Film Review: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness felt far more like a product I was being sold than an actual movie. This just isn't cinema. … read more

Film Review: Firebird

There's something important to be said in Firebird, and hopefully a story on its subject will be put in more skilled hands and inspired minds next time around. … read more

John Madden Takes on Love, War and Storytelling in Operation...

For John Madden, who is in his fourth decade directing for the screen, Operation Mincemeat is a noteworthy entry in a magnificent career. … read more

Film Review: Memory

Martin Campbell clearly doesn't have another classic left in him, but anything else would make a less pathetic last entry in the veteran director's filmography. … read more

Film Review: The White Fortress

For all its solid performances, beautiful cinematography and interesting characters, The White Fortress is beautiful in moments but uninteresting in others. … read more

Showrunner Jared Stern Talks Green Eggs and Ham: The Second...

Jared Stern has so much to do now, with shows and movies to make. But 10 years spent on Green Eggs and Ham still takes the cake. … read more

LDS History Meets Murder Mystery in Under The Banner of...

Under The Banner of Heaven serves as a sobering reminder that, 38 years later, wounds left by the series-inspiring Lafferty case are not likely to go away any time soon....

Film Review: The Spine of Night

Fans of heavy metal, blood-soaked hand-drawn animation and psychedelic visuals will likely find a home in the world of The Spine of Night. … read more

Film Review: We Were Hyphy

For a documentary about 20-year old niche, cultural movement, We Were Hyphy is a testament to the craft and love of those behind it. … read more

Film Review: The Bad Guys

The Bad Guys isn't anything particularly new or innovative, but it's solid entertainment taken on its own merits and worth a rental at the very least. … read more

Film Review: The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is silly, enjoyable proof that the newly debt-free Nic Cage can finally be more selective about his projects again. … read more

Film Review: The Northman

Despite the arthouse cred the Eggers name brings, The Northman didn't stray far enough from Hollywood conventions for my taste. … read more

Film Review: Aline

Aline hits one false note after another, and as much as I'm loath to stoop to such a cheap reference, yes, my hate will go on and on. … read more

Film Review: Les Olympiades (Paris, 13th District)

Paris, 13th District borders on trifling, which is disappointing given this comes from misguided choices rather than a lack of substantive ideas. … read more

Series Review: A Very British Scandal

A Very British Scandal is sordid without being trashy, but it’s very definitely aimed at those who enjoy watching painful drama unfold. … read more

Film Review: Compartment No. 6

I was not on board at the start of Compartment No. 6, but it’s a testament to the original text, adaptation and the performances that, by the end, I am...

Film Review: Ambulance

Ambulance works only in the sense that the title tells its whole story: a loud, irritating noise warning us to get out of the way, letting it pass us by....

Film Review: Everything Everywhere All At Once

Everything Everywhere All At Once is rewarding for those interested in a ride through multiple universes and a tender exploration of the fragile human psyche. … read more

Simchas and Sorrows Finds Comedy In Relationships and Religion

How far would you go to win the approval of your future in-laws? This question is at the heart of Simchas and Sorrows, a new film from Genevieve Adams … read more

Film Review: Shakespeare’s Sh*tstorm

One of the major goals of the film seems to be a critique on criticism itself. As the preceding decades of his career demonstrate, Kaufman is entirely incorrigible. … read more

Film Review: Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

The Secrets of Dumbledore acted as a port key back to my happy place, enough so that I was able to forgive the shortcomings to a point that I will...

Film Review: The Bubble

Judd Apatow's tendency to believe that too much is never enough is frustrating to say the least, giving The Bubble a feeling of half-baked indulgence. … read more

Film Review: Apollo 10 ½: A Space Age Childhood

 Apollo 10 ½: A Space Age Childhood is a snapshot that revels in the nostalgia of anyone who dreamed of flying into space alongside the original astronauts … read more

Series Review: Moon Knight

Moon Knight stands as something new and exciting in a way that nothing since WandaVision has been able to accomplish. … read more

Film Review: The Lost City

There should be no illusions that you’re going into anything great here. The Lost City too often undermines its own potential by playing things too broadly. … read more

Film Review: Infinite Storm

Infinite Storm is too grounded in reality to be thrilling escapist action but far too labored and maudlin in its quieter character moments to work as a drama. … read more

Film Review: Windfall

I consider Jessie Plemons to be one the finest actors working today, which is all the more reason to resent Windfall for wasting his talent and my time. … read more

Episode #392 – Homephone

With their first album release, Melon Collie, the duo of Homephone continued their penchant for easy and playful creation. … read more

Episode #391 – The Plastic Cherries

Local indie pop outfit Plastic Cherries joined SLUG Soundwaves to discuss the band’s recent beginnings, their new album, Sunshine and more. … read more

Episode #390 – Sofia Scott on Genderfuq

Local musician Sofia Scott comes to SLUG Soundwaves to discuss the annual Genderfuq event. Buy tickets to this year's event at … read more

Episode #389 – Bobo

Local indie pop musician Bobo comes to SLUG Soundwaves to discuss her new album, Bobo II, and more. … read more

Episode #388 – Form of Rocket

Form of Rocket's Curtis Jensen joined us on SLUG Soundwaves to talk about the band's 20-plus-year history and their new cassette release. … read more

Episode #387 – UPHERE! Records

Tom Petterson (label manager) and Brady Flores (founder and co-owner) of UPHERE! Records discuss their start as a record label and their upcoming Ukraine benefit compilation. Formed during the pandemic,

Episode #386 – Nahum Reyes

Nahum Reyes is a Salt Lake–based musician who plays with local rock trio Lord Vox and makes solo music under the name Ages the Poet. … read more

Episode #385 – AMEA

Listen to the latest SLUG Soundwaves with AMEA, a local musical artist and sociologist with a big heart and a focus on community. … read more

Episode #384 – Daytime Lover

Daytime Lover's Moriah Glazier explains that their songs aren’t just journal entries—she challenges herself to be more vulnerable with the goal of encouraging the same in others. … read more

Episode #383 – Jacob T. Skeen

Jacob T. Skeen comes to SLUG Soundwaves to discuss the influences behind his album Death, Thou Shalt Die, what it takes to be a "monoband" and more.  … read more

Episode #382 – The Pho3nix Child

The Pho3nix Child comes to "SLUG Soundwaves" to discuss their artistic evolution, the Utah music scene and their upcoming album. … read more

Episode #381 – Ivouries

Jaxon Garrick is front man, producer and guitar player for Ivouries. Along with Devin Mitchell, Casey Schrader and Adam Fuller, he creates what Garrick describes as “forward-thinking pop music.” As

Episode #380 – Kimi K

Kimi K comes to "SLUG Soundwaves" to discuss the evolution between her first ep, Kimi, and her newest project, DEZIRE.  … read more

Episode #379 – Brother Chunky

Brother Chunky comes to "SLUG Soundwaves" to discuss the origins of his chunky, funky sound and finding his authentic musical voice. … read more

Episode #378 – Josaleigh Pollett

Josaleigh Pollett returns to SLUG Soundwaves to discuss the time between 2017 and the release of her most recent album, No Woman is the Sea. … read more

Episode #377 – Early Successional

On the latest "SLUG Soundwaves," listen to folk-rock group Early Successional discuss their origins and their recent return from hiatus. … read more

Episode #376 – Nicole McMahan

On "SLUG Soundwaves," pop and R&B artist Nicole McMahan discusses her love for live performing and building an ethos with her audience. … read more

Episode #375 – Swans of Never

Matthew Nanes of local rock group Swans of Never comes to SLUG Soundwaves to discuss the band's long history and change in creative direction. … read more

Episode #374 – Toothpicks

On the latest "SLUG Soundwaves," local garage rock band Toothpicks discuss the process behind their new album, Gonzo Journalists Are Pretty. … read more

Episode #373 – Courtney Lane

On the latest "SLUG Soundwaves," Courtney Lane discusses their journey from the stiff world of classical music to a community-focused mindset. … read more

Episode #372 – MOD

Local musician MOD’s music reaches beyond the borders of genre and welcomes a collage of different sounds and musical approaches. … read more

Episode #371 – SONIALOXO

Sharing her music has helped local pop and R&B musician SONIALOXO grow to be a person who doesn’t care what others think. … read more

Episode #370 – Swarmer

It’s local metal group Swarmer’s spirit of sharing and willingness to combine ideas that leads to the group’s distinct sound. … read more

Episode #369 – Scheissters

After previous experiences in bands where lyrics were meaningless, Scheissters aim to do something different with their music-making process. … read more

Episode #368 – Nicole Canaan

Wherever was not only Nicole Canaan’s first EP, but her first time sharing her songs and all the emotions packed into them with someone else. … read more

Episode #367 – Iceburn

Episode #367 of "SLUG Soundwaves" features Gentry Densley from veteran experimental punk group Iceburn discussing their new album, Asclepius. … read more