Issue 354 – June 2018 cover art

june Issue

Chris Bodily ( christens our first Local Photography Issue with an illustration of a Rolleiflex, a medium format twin lens reflex camera. It’s an antique yet modern talisman, our tribute to working photographers. In this issue, take in local photographers’ work.

Stoneground helps us stay healthy with their house-smoked mozzarella on top of blistered green beans, pickled shallots and finished with cashews. Photo: Talyn Sherer
"Dancing eyes are deep ultraviolet you."
Nancy Rivera's show featuring series After van Huysum goes up in UMOCA's A-I-R Space Aug. 3–Sept. 1. Photo: @clancycoop
Sarah DeGraw & the Odd Jobs-Photo: Stefan Poulos
Photo courtesy of Violent Femmes
Dr. Dog ending the show with a bang. Photo: Matthew Hunter
Charles K. Lassiter, "Blue Group Reclining" (detail), from An Outsider Looking Inward.
George Rivera and Kimberly Campa, photo by John Brandon
Denae Shanidiin. Photo: @clancycoop
A bird's eye view of the event. Photo: @clancycoop
Wayne Coyne sings. Photo:
Jessica Sabogal. Photo:
Wesley Eisold of Cold Cave. Photo: Ryan Michael Painter
Parade lines and celebrations reach all the way down the streets. Photo: Logan Sorenson |
Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes | Wizards of the Coast
Junior Brown. Photo courtesy of the Artist
Photo: JB Photo
Photo: Malissa Maybey
SLUG Cat racers head out from Saturday Cycles towards the first stop of the race. Photo: @theandyfitz