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Mike Brown’s Summertime Activity Guide!

Mike Brown is back with a short list of some summertime activities for you and your dumb little buddies do to this summer. … read more

The Sacred Resilience of Shea Freedom and the W.A.R. Gathering

On June 20, Shea Freedom's W.A.R. Gathering is bringing Juneteenth: A Celebration of Black Voices to the Clubhouse on South Temple. … read more

Hair is Hair: Laser Hair Removal is for Everyone with...

Laser hair removal experts Milan Laser Hair Removal dispel common myths about ditching your razor and ridding yourself of unwanted hair. … read more

Genderfuq @ Urban Lounge 06.03

Urban Lounge opened their doors to an all-inclusive public audience to come celebrate each other through the event hosted by Genderfuq. … read more

9th Annual SLUG Cat Presented By Fat Tire @ Saturday...

Racers from across the valley converged at Saturday Cycles in hopes of becoming this year's champion at the 9th Annual SLUG Cat bike race. … read more

After a Rise to Stardom, Ritt Momney to Play 2021...

It makes sense that an artist with a name that’s essentially a simplified anagram of the more well-known Utah senator would hail from Salt Lake City. Although, I was first

Bold & Beautiful – SLUG LGBTQ+: Poppycock Visqueen

Orange wigs, campy performances and cheekbones cut so sharp they could slice you open if you get too close: Drag performer and artist Taylor Anne is all of these things

David Cross, Bigfoot and The Journey of “The Dark Divide”

Anyone who paid attention in their high school English class likely has some familiarity with “The Hero’s Journey.” It’s the template for most storytelling, wherein a hero goes on an

Queer and Now: How the Queer Spectra Arts Festival Captures...

Three years into its youthful tenure, Salt Lake City’s Queer Spectra Arts Festival has danced, swayed and spoken to the strange shifts of our world in more ways than the

SLUG Style: Goldin Kidd

This month's "SLUG Style" features Goldin Kidd, who uses style as a free-flowing expression just like any other artform. … read more

Marrlo Suzzanne & The Galaxy Band @ Metro Music Hall...

What better way to bring in the heat of 2021 than with Marrlo Suzzanne & The Galaxy Band serving up a raucous night of ‘70s-throwbacks? … read more

Bold & Beautiful: JordiRoc

JordiRoc is a full mood of living one’s truths, honoring one’s body, mind and spirit, and a full 2021 vibe. … read more

Between Dreams: The Journey of Dr. Scott Zuckerman’s Dreams of...

Tormented by his wartime experiences, former Navy Seabee Murray Jacobs had never revealed his story to anyone before Dreams of My Comrades. … read more

Digging in the Dirt – DIY Tips to Grow a...
By ,

Since joining her on “RadioACTive,” Al and Lara have been able to pick the brains of folks who know what they’re doing in the garden. … read more

A Vintage Queen: A Deep Dive into Hannah Ruth

Local stylist and fashion blogger Hannah Ruth describes her style as a mix of vintage, Victorian and modern fashion trends. … read more

SLUG Style: John Cottrell

In this month's "SLUG Style," Mbody founder and staple of the SLC yoga scene, John Cottrell, shows off his clothing line and warm smile. … read more

Meow Wolf Gives Inner Children a Shopper’s Wonderland at Omega...

After 2020, the concept at the center of Omega Mart—the grocery store—is even more important than when Meow Wolf began the project in 2009. … read more

Local Review: Worst Horse – Worst Horse

Worst Horse = Yeasayer +  Grouper … read more

Local Review: Mooninite – Lightworks

Mooninite = Flying Lotus + Teebs + Nosaj Thing … read more

Premiere: (Eli)zabeth Owens – “Oversoon”

SLUG is delighted to premiere "Oversoon," the new single from (Eli)zabeth Owens' upcoming album on Grimalkin Records, Knock Knock.  … read more

Local Review: No Shooting Friends, Joseph – Flicker

No Shooting Friends, Joseph = Rise Against + Sum 41 … read more

Local Review: Fur Foxen – Fur Foxen

Fur Foxen = Mutual Benefit x The Head and the Heart … read more

Local Review: Treason Angel – Ritual Squalor

Treason Angel = Puce Mary + Prurient … read more

Review: Japanese Breakfast – Jubilee

Japanese Breakfast = Mannequin Pussy + Kate Bush … read more

Review: Bachelor – Doomin’ Sun

Bachelor = Soccer Mommy + Caroline Rose  … read more

Local Review: My Friend Zero – Greatest Hits of the...

My Friend Zero = The Flaming Lips + R.E.M. … read more

Review: black midi – Cavalcade

black midi = Frank Zappa And The Mother’s Of Invention + Flying Lotus + Charlie Parker … read more

Local Review: Angie Petty – Timing

Angie Petty = Gretchen Parlato + Raveena … read more

Local Review: Man Meets Bear – Songs From the Hive

Man Meets Bear = Other Lives x Julian Lynch (Animals 2) … read more

Review: Olivia Rodrigo – SOUR

Olivia Rodrigo = Lorde x Courtney Love … read more

Review: Ishtar Sr. – Divine Ecdysis

Ishtar Sr. Divine Ecdysis Grimalkin Records Street: 05.21 Ishtar Sr. = (J. Fisher x THEESatisfaction) x Headboggle density&destiny— in sound, narrative and concept, Ishtar Sr.’s (Savan DePaul‘s) Divine Ecdysis holds

Review: Juliana Hatfield – Blood

Juliana Hatfield = Olivia Newton John + Tool … read more

Local Review: Sculpture Club – Worth

There’s simultaneously a youthful curiosity and a dour bewilderment entwined in the narrative of Sculpture Club's Worth. … read more

Episode #365 – Ritt Momney

Instead of sealing himself in a box for the sake of recognizability, Jack Rutter explores many shades of his personality through Ritt Momney. … read more

Episode #364 – Rade

Experiences with and observations of American injustice have led Rade to funnel their frustrations and encourage change through music. … read more

Episode #363 – Suit Up, Soldier

For Suit Up, Soldier, things are already looking up for a successful album release, with as a host of performances already lined up. … read more

Episode #362 – Dogma Society

Episode #362 of "SLUG Soundwaves" features the Utah-born collective Dogma Society discussing their roots, their rise and their future. … read more

Episode #361 – Portal to the God...

Episode #361 of "SLUG Soundwaves" showcases Scott and Clark of local avant-everything group Portal to the God Damn Blood Dimension. … read more

Episode #360 – La La Diabla

La La Diabla draws inspiration from garage and surf rock and delivers their sound through a punk aesthetic that is as noisy as it is groovy. … read more

Episode #359 – Runestomper

Throughout Cybernetic Schizophrenia, Herrera explores themes derived from video games and sci-fi novels through synth-heavy compositions. … read more

Episode #358 – ROUGH HANDS

As ROUGH HANDS, Josie Cordova explores the biological and natural functions of living beings through the matrices of computerized systems. … read more

Episode #357 – Peachy Fingernail

“I just want to make lo-fi pop songs with my garbage equipment,” says Polly Llewellyn, who records under the name Peachy Fingernail. … read more

Episode #356 – Savage Daughters

Savage Daughters share a history that spans many critical years of their lives and culminates in a sound that is full of chemistry.  … read more

Episode #355 – Spirit Machines

“We play classic rock brought into the modern age,” says Michael Collins, the drummer of the Salt Lake City–based Spirit Machines. … read more

Episode #354 – zonekidd

“You can never kill the idea, you can only kill the man," says producer zonekidd about their path toward self-fulfilment in life and music. … read more

Episode #353 – Palace of Buddies

Nick Foster and Tim Meyers' Palace of Buddies is a project defined by a lack of commitment to any one particular style or sound. … read more

Episode #352 – picnics

Vocalist and guitarist Chazz says the best way to describe picnics is "like a scratched Nirvana CD playing from the room next to you.” … read more

Film Review: Luca

While it may be playing at home, Luca's a movie that will make you feel like you’ve gone somewhere special and had a grand experience. … read more

Film Review: Gaîa

If you’re looking for an excuse to jump and scream a lot and spill popcorn, move along—Gaîa is not the horror movie you’re looking for. … read more

Film Review: Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to...

Rita Moreno: Just A Girl Who Decided To Go For It chronicles a 70-plus-year career filled with spectacular highs and near-tragic lows. … read more

Film Review: The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard is an obnoxious mess aimed at 12–14-year-old-boys watching it on a sleepover without their parents’ knowledge. … read more

Film Review: Luca

While it may be playing at home, Luca's a movie that will make you feel like you’ve gone somewhere special and had a grand experience. … read more

Film Review: Fatherhood

In Fatherhood, Kevin Hart plays Matt and is faced with raising his daughter alone when his wife dies the day after giving birth. … read more

Film Review: 12 Mighty Orphans

12 Mighty Orphans, which is based on a true story, seems almost foolproof. But it fumbles an awful lot on its way to the goalpost.  … read more

Film Review: Infinite

Infinite is clearly hoping to be a mind-bending action spectacular, but will be remembered as one of 2021's worst movies. … read more

Film Review: Skater Girl

Skater Girl takes that desire to showcase people from different backgrounds reaching for the stars to a whole new level. … read more

Film Review: Wish Dragon

Wish Dragon is energetic, colorful fun, and you enjoy over-the-top kung fu–stunt action—even in cartoon form—then you may enjoy it. … read more

Series Review: Loki

If WandaVision was a sci-fi sitcom and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was a buddy action story, Loki is a hardboiled detective story. … read more

Film Review: In the Heights

In the Heights combines the best elements of stage and screen in a way that no Broadway adaptation has successfully done since Chicago. … read more

Film Review: Plan B

Plan B is, in many ways, at its best when it lets its comedic guard down and allows the more tender character moments play out. … read more

Film Review: New Order

New Order is a failure based around pertinent issues, but there is literally nothing to take away from it except what you came in with. … read more

Film Review: Spirit Untamed

There's nothing wrong with a movie that's aimed at the 5–9-year-old age range, especially when it's as lovable as Spirits Untamed. … read more

Series Review: Sweet Tooth

Working in a Hunger Games milieu, Sweet Tooth is likely to appeal to teen audiences and fans of young adult science fiction. … read more

Film Review: The Dry

The Dry is a highly compelling and introspective film that thrives on an excellent screenplay, which was adapted from a novel by Jane Harper. … read more