Issue 369 – September 2019 cover art

september Issue

About The Cover: Did you know that Utah’s state snack food is Jell-O? For this month’s Local Food Issue cover, SLUG illustrator Spencer Holt has depicted Gilgal Sculpture Garden’s Joseph Smith–sphinx sculpture encased in Jell-O. Find more of Holt’s work @spenturion on Instagram, our three recent Jell-O fixes on pg. 28 and an online-exclusive feature about Gilgal at

Tiny Boats | Thicker Thank Water | Self-Released
ABS' CBD bath bomb, pictured with a lemon and a lime.
Will Baxter Band | You & I | Self-Released
T. James | Distant Shapes | Petrichor Records
Apathy and Celph Titled make up the duo Demigodz
Sentou | In Bed | Self-Released
The Paranoyds | Carnage Bargain | Suicide Squeeze Records
Chelsea Wolfe | Birth of Violence | Sargent House
"In addition to protest readings, the Writers for Migrant Justice featured food, auction items and poetry busking."
Fire-Toolz | Field Whispers (Into the Crystal Palace) | Orange Milk
Sunn O))) bathed in blue and pink lights.
"That’s the point of music: to help people feel something, whether it’s joy or sadness."
(L–R) Madelyn Boyer, Kady Newland, Nick Kuzmack and Stephen Michael Christian host the upcoming Art Against Doom showcase.
Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters | It's Only Permanent | Self-Released
Jamaica Trinnaman took her learnings from the grocery industry to execute her vision of her own bulk market.
"Durian Durian’s trajectory has been only upward. As the dance element has strengthened in cohesion, so has the music become more succinct and focused."
(L–R) Erin McAllester, Tracy Gomez, William Bradshaw and Matthew Pfohl.