SLUG Mag Soundwaves
SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #441 – Persona 749

PERSONA 749 is a six piece band from Salt Lake City. After the group met in college, they began releasing singles in 2021.  Now, they’ve established a track record of heavily streamed singles, nineteen in total, and one EP.

In this episode, three of the band’s members joined me at the SLUG headquarters where they spoke about their upcoming debut album, and the growth it’s taken them to be ready for it. The frontman, Che, reminds me of a young Michael Stipe. He speaks about the personas he plays with that make up his eccentric Elfman-like vocals.

This episode is airing the same day the band releases a brand new single from the album, which you can stream now. PERSONA 749 will also be playing at Kilby Block Party on Sunday, May 12.