Episode #424 – Zaza Historia VanDyke

VanDyke chats about transitioning from playing in a classical orchestra to improvising as both a solo singer-songwriter and half of nu metal band DOOMCUPCAKE.  … read more

Episode #423 – Andrew Aguilera

Electronic musician Andrew Aguilera talks about his various projects, including Angel Magic and Mooninite, as well as his recent forays into ambient music. … read more

Episode #422 – Anode

In an interview with SLUG Soundwaves, Joe Phillips (aka Anode) discusses his obsession with rhythm and the lack of rules in creating electronic music. … read more

Episode #421 – Dante Lerae

Ambient electronic artist Dante Lerae reflects on his diverse range of musical influences from classical jazz to Daft Punk in this meditative, transcendental episode. … read more

Episode #420 – Sleep Cult

Ahead of their set at SLUG Picnic on Saturday, July 22, Isaac and Bryson from Sleep Cult chat with SLUG Soundwaves about their musical journey. … read more

Episode #419 – Assisted Living

Before performing at SLUG Picnic on July 22, Jade Whitlock from Assisted Living talks to SLUG Soundwaves about the “grungegaze” genre and their recent self-titled EP. … read more

Episode #418 – tvlen

Before he performs at our first SLUG Picnic of the summer, tvlen comes to SLUG Soundwaves and details his recently released album, the house is drowning. … read more

Episode #417 – HXSTAGE

Ahead of his performance at our first SLUG Picnic of the summer, unclassifiable local artist HXSTAGE comes to SLUG Soundwaves to tell his musical story. … read more

Episode #416 – The Moss

In between a string of festival dates and tours around the country, The Moss come to SLUG Soundwaves to talk about the origins of their alternative, beachy sound. … read more

Episode #415 – Josh Doss

Musician Josh Doss of Josh Doss & The Cancers joins this episode of SLUG Soundwaves to discuss the origins of The Cancers, his musical influences and the band’s upcoming performance at The Kilby Block Party.