Episode #451 – Kal Mara

SLC singer-songwriter and producer Kal Mara recently released her debut album, CATALYST. She relays her relatable story from a place of deep emotional healing. … read more


SLUG Soundwaves is back with another review episode this week, Alton Barnhart reads his review of local outfit BARBARIAN FAITH HEALER’s AMERICARNAGE. … read more

Episode #449 – Menlo

Menlo is a six piece Salt Lake-based band that’s been around since at least the early 2000s. … read more

Episode #448 – Review: Mdou Moctar’s Funeral for Justice

The ripping chords and striking anti-colonial lyrics were incredible and fascinating to me. I wanted to dive into the reasons why an album like Funeral for Justice was written. … read more

Episode #447 – Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions

Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions are also starting a residency at O’Shucks  Bar and Grill on the Park City Main Street strip every Monday night from 6-9. … read more

Episode #446 – Review: fuckskin’s you can find it

The EP is a cute little box that packages up fuckskin’s discography and is sent off to sea with a trail of joyous nostalgia and broken hearts behind it. … read more

Episode #445 – Tiger Bike

Tiger Bike, a four-piece emo band, discusses their time in an LDS-centered college and how they think the places you make emo music are the places you hate.  … read more

Episode #444 – Review: Whisperhawk’s Keepers of the Earth Vol. 2

In this episode, SLUG Junior Editor Asha Pruitt reads her review of Whisperhawk’s Keepers of the Earth Vol. 2, released on November 2, 2023.  … read more

Episode #443 – Parallax

Parallax is a hardcore band that was popular in the early 2000s, in the Utah Valley. They will be playing Crucial Salt Lake happening May 25, at Soundwell. … read more

Episode #442 – Review: Jacob T. Skeen’s Telestial

This week’s episode is part of a new segment called Soundwaves Reviews, where we give our listeners an audible edition of our online music reviews. … read more