Episode #403 – Mykah

Born from challenging upbringing, MYKAH’s music career reflects the determination she feels toward life’s professional and personal obstacles.

… read more

Episode #402 – Trainsurfing

On the latest episode of SLUG Soundwaves, Salt Lake City rock band Trainsurfing discusses the collective love of heavy music that led to their EP Bitter. … read more

Episode #401 – &Knuckles

&Knuckles vocalist and guitarist Josh Derieg discusses the band’s origins, their debut album, Songs to Stop Folding Your Arms To, and more. … read more

Episode #400 – Brain Detergent

Local techno producer and synthesizer wizard Brain Detergent comes to SLUG Soundwaves to discuss his long history with electronic music, synthesis and more. … read more


Episode #399 – Scott Lippitt

Listen to Scott Lippitt discuss his musical journey, meditation and more alongside tracks from his upcoming album, Meaning Maker, to be released on Oct. 7.  … read more

Episode #398 – Blair Street

Soundwaves Episode #398 features SLUG Picnic performers Blair Street, a Utah band who combine indie, pop, latin rock sounds and more into their own blend. … read more

Episode #397 – Who Killed Candace

SLC’s up-and-coming Who Killed Candace—consisting of Hanna (vocals), Mal (guitar) and Levi (bass) and KJ (drums)—are a force to be reckoned with. … read more

Episode #396 – Mama’s Boy

The latest episode of “SLUG Soundwaves” features Mama’s Boy, an artist who blends hip-hop, alternative and neo soul into a personalized sound. … read more

Episode #395 – Cotes

The latest episode of SLUG Soundwaves features Cotes, a Utah-based hip-hop artist who imbues his music with positivity and an ethos of self-betterment.  … read more

Episode #394 – English Budgies

Joe and Jenna Vickrey make up the core of English Budgies, described by Joe as “somewhere between indie and alt rock with some … punk and electronic.” … read more