Episode #445 – Tiger Bike

Tiger Bike is a 4-piece emo band who found its genesis after its members attended BYU-Idaho. Based now in Salt Lake, the band has collected a large underground following with seven releases since 2022. The band’s latest EP released is called “3 Sundays in a week,” which was followed by a b-side acoustic release and

Episode #444 – Review: Whisperhawk’s Keepers of the Earth Vol. 2

In this episode, SLUG Junior Editor Asha Pruitt reads her review of Whisperhawk’s Keepers of the Earth Vol. 2, released on November 2, 2023.  … read more

Episode #443 – Parallax

Parallax is a hardcore band that was popular in the early 2000s, in the Utah Valley. They will be playing Crucial Salt Lake happening May 25, at Soundwell. … read more

Episode #442 – Review: Jacob T. Skeen’s Telestial

This week’s episode is part of a new segment called Soundwaves Reviews, where we give our listeners an audible edition of our online music reviews. … read more

Episode #441 – Persona 749

In this episode, PERSONA 749 members joined me at the SLUG headquarters where they spoke about their upcoming debut album. … read more

Episode #440 – Cautious Clay

Cautious Clay, aka Joshua Karpeh, is a singer/songwriter and producer from Cleveland, Ohio. … read more

Episode #439 – Boyfriend Sushi Town

In today’s episode, the guys talk about writing their second album, “Player,” and how that move to Chicago actually didn’t go as planned. … read more

Episode #438 – Bad Luck Brigade

Bad Luck Brigade is a five-member band from Logan, Utah. In this episode, they define their jazzy hip-hop sound and discuss some of the technicalities they’ve discovered together. … read more

Episode #437 – The Mellons

The Mellons are a four-piece baroque pop band residing in Salt Lake City and Provo Utah. The band formed in 2020, and was signed by the label Earth Libraries in 2021. … read more

Episode #436 – Goldmyth

Goldmyth is a harpist and singer-songwriter in Provo who crafts dreamy, indie-pop melodies. She chats about balancing motherhood with a successful music career and debuts some unreleased music. … read more