Episode #341 – World’s Worst

World’s Worst released their eponymous EP in April, and the album’s themes of feeling stuck and rudderless hit different in the time of quarantine.  … read more

Episode #340 – PK Opal

Glittering Serpent, the first full-length from PK Opal, speaks to the current political moment and how queer art should resist capitalist production. … read more

Episode #339 – Commander Salamander

On Commander Salamander’s debut album, Confidential Crocodile, the band spins an epic yarn about a brave Salamander who journeys ancient Egypt to restore balance to the world. … read more

Episode #338 – MSKING

The ability for two ideas to simultaneously contradict each other and still be true—this is at the heart of MSKING’s music. … read more


Episode #337 – Dad Bod

After releasing an EP and an album last year, Dad Bod is still finding their sound—with their most recent release of single “For Real,” they’re closer than ever. … read more

Episode #336 – Eichlers

Eichler’s SCENE KIDS is an experimental, collaborative mixtape featuring artists from Salt Lake’s DIY music space, and it’s a testament to the talent teeming in the scene.  … read more

Episode #335 – Choice Coin

Choice Coin was the name Jared Montgomery had for a coin he relied on while traveling and living out of his car. When he came to a fork in the road, he’d flip it, follow it, and never look back. Now Montgomery leads the Choice Coin with Derek Wetenkamp on bass and Nate Harer on drums, and the group has just released its debut EP titled Too Tired to Eat; Too Hungry to Sleep.  … read more

Episode #334 – SoundMass

The improvisational space rock band SoundMass planned to release their newest album this spring after playing another year of SXSW—until COVID-19 changed everything. … read more

Episode #333 – Milk Money

This setting of Reckon, and the metaphors within, have presented a new method for the members of Milk Money to craft vulnerable songs. … read more

Episode #332 – Teenage Flying Disc

After an intense period of self discovery late in high school playing with Dead Be Joint, Call sifted through through the chaos of working with a band of mismatched tastes and found the emotional means and energy to carve out his own musical identity as Teenage Flying Disc. … read more