Episode #313 – Jeff Dillon

After being steered away from a musical career at a younger age, Jeff Dillon eventually found his way back home.  … read more

Episode #312 – Rose Colored Roots

Devin Moore discusses how the band’s collective musical education has created an alternative rock sound heavily influenced by blues, jazz and a whole lot of funk.  … read more

Episode #311 – Ugly Boys

Benton Wood believes the experienced formation of Ugly Boys paved a foundation that has poised them for the big time. … read more

Episode #310 – Cool Banana

VHS Vic (Victor Blandon) is a stop-motion animator whose penchant for puppetry has evolved into Cool Banana, a muppet-rock band centered around theatrics and onstage characters. … read more


Episode #309 – MMEND

Now off the heels of their debut album, Spectator, Mitch Winter muses about what has made MMEND successful and how a sibling dynamic affects the band. … read more

Episode #308 – SPO

Dave Crespo has long shepherded SPO, a rock band with a ’90s feel. He has translated it from Boston to SLC upon moving to Utah, and offers a newcomer’s perspective on playing music in a new locale. … read more

Episode #307 – Picnics At Soap Rock

Picnics At Soap Rock is the brainchild of Chazz Pitts. In this episode, he discusses his organic aesthetic growth into Picnics At Soap Rock. … read more

Episode #306 – Marina Marqueza

On this episode of Soundwaves, Marina Marqueza discusses their movement between the States and Japan and the impressions that cultural code-switching has made on their music and identity … read more

Episode #305 – Shecock & The Rock Princess

Sofia Scott of Shecock & The Rock Princess delves into the rebellious spirit of her band as far as expectations go concerning what music she should like and play. … read more

Episode #304 – Scary Uncle Steve

Skunk of Scary Uncle Steve discusses the inception and transformation of the band as they continually treat audiences to upbeat, lighthearted punk and unexpected covers. … read more