Episode #357 – Peachy Fingernail

“I just want to make lo-fi pop songs with my garbage equipment,” says Polly Llewellyn, who records under the name Peachy Fingernail. … read more

Episode #356 – Savage Daughters

Savage Daughters share a history that spans many critical years of their lives and culminates in a sound that is full of chemistry.  … read more

Episode #355 – Spirit Machines

“We play classic rock brought into the modern age,” says Michael Collins, the drummer of the Salt Lake City–based Spirit Machines. … read more

Episode #354 – zonekidd

“You can never kill the idea, you can only kill the man,” says producer zonekidd about their path toward self-fulfilment in life and music. … read more


Episode #353 – Palace of Buddies

Nick Foster and Tim Meyers’ Palace of Buddies is a project defined by a lack of commitment to any one particular style or sound. … read more

Episode #352 – picnics

Vocalist and guitarist Chazz says the best way to describe picnics is “like a scratched Nirvana CD playing from the room next to you.” … read more

Episode #351 – C.Valenta

With new material on the way, hip-hop artist C.Valenta looks to continue wielding the power of expression through music. … read more

Episode #350 – Treason Angel

Gavin Hoffman doesn’t like people. In his debut release as Treason Angel, Ritual Sacrifice uses noise to channel an anti-religion, misanthropic ethos—though you may not recognize it just from listening.  … read more

Episode #349 – Sindar

For Kona Ossana, the release of his band Sindar’s debut album Splintered Light was an opportunity to grow as a musician, both technically and creatively. … read more

Episode #348 – Pony Logan

Pony Logan describes his debut album, The Big Sky, as “country music for people who like Frank Ocean.” … read more