Episode #396 – Mama’s Boy

The latest episode of “SLUG Soundwaves” features Mama’s Boy, an artist who blends hip-hop, alternative and neo soul into a personalized sound. … read more

Episode #395 – Cotes

The latest episode of SLUG Soundwaves features Cotes, a Utah-based hip-hop artist who imbues his music with positivity and an ethos of self-betterment.  … read more

Episode #394 – English Budgies

Joe and Jenna Vickrey make up the core of English Budgies, described by Joe as “somewhere between indie and alt rock with some … punk and electronic.” … read more

Episode #393 – Sunfish

Carter Sears paints a full picture of Sunfish’s sonic repertoire, from swinging synths to raspy glam rock vocals of a bygone era. … read more

Episode #392 – Homephone

With their first album release, Melon Collie, the duo of Homephone continued their penchant for easy and playful creation. … read more

Episode #391 – The Plastic Cherries

Local indie pop outfit Plastic Cherries joined SLUG Soundwaves to discuss the band’s recent beginnings, their new album, Sunshine and more. … read more

Episode #390 – Sofia Scott on Genderfuq

Local musician Sofia Scott comes to SLUG Soundwaves to discuss the annual Genderfuq event. Buy tickets to this year’s event at urbanloungeslc.com … read more

Episode #389 – Bobo

Local indie pop musician Bobo comes to SLUG Soundwaves to discuss her new album, Bobo II, and more. … read more

Episode #388 – Form of Rocket

Form of Rocket’s Curtis Jensen joined us on SLUG Soundwaves to talk about the band’s 20-plus-year history and their new cassette release. … read more

Episode #387 – UPHERE! Records

Tom Petterson (label manager) and Brady Flores (founder and co-owner) of UPHERE! Records discuss their start as a record label and their upcoming Ukraine benefit compilation. Formed during the pandemic, UPHERE! Records was motivated by a passion for local music: “The goal is, we want people to start noticing Utah music because there’s a lot