Episode #430 – Elowyn

In an exclusive interview with SLUG Soundwaves, psychedelic singer-songwriter Elowyn debuts never-before-heard songs from her upcoming album release. … read more

Episode #429 – The Apathetics

SLUG Soundwaves sat down with not one, not two, but all four members of The Apathetics! The band chats about the intersection between pop-punk, emo-punk and skate-punk. … read more

Episode #428 – Gonk

In an interview with SLUG Soundwaves, guitarist and vocalist Alex Sandoval of Gonk explains why people call their music “punk for kids.” … read more

Episode #427 – RIP Cassette

Mark Dressman of RIP Cassette chats about quarter life crises, wrestling with dissonance and “looking back on this phase of [your] life as if they were polaroid pictures.” … read more

Episode #426 – Lindsay Heath Orchestra

Multi-instrumentalist Lindsay Heath chats about the landscapes she visualizes when composing songs and the addition of heavier metal elements to her eight-piece orchestra. … read more

Episode #425 – Rachael Jenkins

Rachael Jenkins talks about their lyrics-first approach to songwriting, struggles with identity after leaving the LDS church and signing with a record label after posting songs on TikTok.  … read more

Episode #424 – Zaza Historia VanDyke

VanDyke chats about transitioning from playing in a classical orchestra to improvising as both a solo singer-songwriter and half of nu metal band DOOMCUPCAKE.  … read more

Episode #423 – Andrew Aguilera

Electronic musician Andrew Aguilera talks about his various projects, including Angel Magic and Mooninite, as well as his recent forays into ambient music. … read more

Episode #422 – Anode

In an interview with SLUG Soundwaves, Joe Phillips (aka Anode) discusses his obsession with rhythm and the lack of rules in creating electronic music. … read more

Episode #421 – Dante Lerae

Ambient electronic artist Dante Lerae reflects on his diverse range of musical influences from classical jazz to Daft Punk in this meditative, transcendental episode. … read more