Episode #385 – AMEA

Listen to the latest SLUG Soundwaves with AMEA, a local musical artist and sociologist with a big heart and a focus on community. … read more

Episode #384 – Daytime Lover

Daytime Lover’s Moriah Glazier explains that their songs aren’t just journal entries—she challenges herself to be more vulnerable with the goal of encouraging the same in others. … read more

Episode #383 – Jacob T. Skeen

Jacob T. Skeen comes to SLUG Soundwaves to discuss the influences behind his album Death, Thou Shalt Die, what it takes to be a “monoband” and more.  … read more

Episode #382 – The Pho3nix Child

The Pho3nix Child comes to “SLUG Soundwaves” to discuss their artistic evolution, the Utah music scene and their upcoming album. … read more


Episode #381 – Ivouries

Jaxon Garrick is front man, producer and guitar player for Ivouries. Along with Devin Mitchell, Casey Schrader and Adam Fuller, he creates what Garrick describes as “forward-thinking pop music.” As

Episode #380 – Kimi K

Kimi K comes to “SLUG Soundwaves” to discuss the evolution between her first ep, Kimi, and her newest project, DEZIRE.  … read more

Episode #379 – Brother Chunky

Brother Chunky comes to “SLUG Soundwaves” to discuss the origins of his chunky, funky sound and finding his authentic musical voice. … read more

Episode #378 – Josaleigh Pollett

Josaleigh Pollett returns to SLUG Soundwaves to discuss the time between 2017 and the release of her most recent album, No Woman is the Sea. … read more

Episode #377 – Early Successional

On the latest “SLUG Soundwaves,” listen to folk-rock group Early Successional discuss their origins and their recent return from hiatus. … read more

Episode #376 – Nicole McMahan

On “SLUG Soundwaves,” pop and R&B artist Nicole McMahan discusses her love for live performing and building an ethos with her audience. … read more