Episode #323 – The Cold Year

The Cold Year’s newest album Prey for Me isn’t a critique of religion so much as it is a conversation about it, one that lyricist and guitarist Matthew Skaggs finds therapeutic. … read more

Episode #322 – Teilani

Teilani’s first EP, Tama, speaks to the complicated experiences of being a person of color and queer, but perhaps most significant for Teilani is its unabashed expression of gay love, affirming his own need for love songs specific to the queer experience. … read more

Episode #321 – Seeking Tragedy

Loclyn Torres discusses her journey to vocal performance, the ethos behind her band Seeking Tragedy, and finally how a vocal minority of the metal scene’s deference to tradition requires women to work twice as hard.  … read more

Episode #320 – Pilot This Plane Down

It’s been ten years since Pilot This Plane Down’s last album. Chris Clement and Sean Miller talk about reuniting for Crucialfest 9 and the comfort of being together again. … read more


Episode #319 – Jazzy Olivo

Jazzy Olivo describes the two years from 2015 to 2017 as the years of silence. It was time for her to return to her cultural and sonic roots and listen again, this time more intently. From this silence, Olivo has built her own soulful, fusion sound. … read more

Episode #318 – Breakfast in Silence

After realizing how much they each liked each other’s work, Ashleigh Bassett, Val Brown and Russ Wood decided to form Breakfast in Silence. Maybe punk, probably emo, the band will accept labels from soul punk to “deconstructed emotive yardcore.” … read more

Episode #317 – Moodlite

Though they’ve only been together for about a year, Moodlite have developed an impressively versatile range of sound. … read more

Episode #316 – Salduro

Insta-Gramo-Phone, the latest release by Salduro, is made for Instagram, forcing the group to embrace the platform’s constraints and create something they never would have imagined.  … read more

Episode #315 – I Buried the Box with Your Name

I Buried the Box With Your Name have just released their first album, To Change, and it’s a wild release from an unassuming group.  … read more

Episode #314 – Rebel Rebel

Having played the main stage at Utah Pride Festival, Mason Comstock of Rebel Rebel caps out Pride month with some thoughts on the event and its place in our queer communities.  … read more