Episode #308 – SPO

Dave Crespo has long shepherded SPO, a rock band with a ’90s feel. He has translated it from Boston to SLC upon moving to Utah, and offers a newcomer’s perspective on playing music in a new locale. … read more

Episode #307 – Picnics At Soap Rock

Picnics At Soap Rock is the brainchild of Chazz Pitts. In this episode, he discusses his organic aesthetic growth into Picnics At Soap Rock. … read more

Episode #306 – Marina Marqueza

On this episode of Soundwaves, Marina Marqueza discusses their movement between the States and Japan and the impressions that cultural code-switching has made on their music and identity … read more

Episode #305 – Shecock & The Rock Princess

Sofia Scott of Shecock & The Rock Princess delves into the rebellious spirit of her band as far as expectations go concerning what music she should like and play. … read more


Episode #304 – Scary Uncle Steve

Skunk of Scary Uncle Steve discusses the inception and transformation of the band as they continually treat audiences to upbeat, lighthearted punk and unexpected covers. … read more

Episode #303 – Heather Grey

Performing under the name Heather Grey, musician and producer Andrew Thackeray comes in to talk about the evolution of his music and the elements that influence its multiversal sound. … read more

Episode #302 – Durian Durian

Nora Price—guitarist, vocalist and dancer for local group Durian Durian—discusses the formation of the band and the unique relationship between musical and visual performance that exists within their work. … read more

Episode #301 – Glume

As Glume, Tyler Tovey plays dark post-punk music. His songs, however, are the products transforming trying times in his life into emotionally fruitful and gratifying musical expressions. … read more

Episode #300 – Sally Yoo

For this episode of Soundwaves, local electronic artist Sally Yoo stops by to talk about her recent album, Tender, and her new sound. … read more

Episode #299 – Martian Cult

Jared Asplund from Martian Cult talks Sci-fi influences, band development and an upcoming release on this episode of Soundwaves. … read more