Episode #350 – Treason Angel

Gavin Hoffman doesn’t like people. In his debut release as Treason Angel, Ritual Sacrifice uses noise to channel an anti-religion, misanthropic ethos—though you may not recognize it just from listening.  … read more

Episode #349 – Sindar

For Kona Ossana, the release of his band Sindar’s debut album Splintered Light was an opportunity to grow as a musician, both technically and creatively. … read more

Episode #348 – Pony Logan

Pony Logan describes his debut album, The Big Sky, as “country music for people who like Frank Ocean.” … read more

Episode #347 – Bijuu

Bijuu started making beats in large part as a way to cope with the noise in his head. … read more


Episode #346 – MCKC

MCKC processes the thoughts and feelings he can’t bring himself to say plainly through his eponymous personal project.. … read more

Episode #345 – Sunhills

Once skeptical of others’ ability to understand him, Drew Kaluna learned that he could lean on others—that being vulnerable would make him, and Sunhills, better.   … read more

Episode #344 – Pillars

While quarantine has given B Zitting the opportunity to focus on a more experimental, production-focused EP, their bandmate Ryan Collenburg is integral to Pillars’ aesthetic and sound. The band is currently working on two EPs in tandem, and both express an evolving facet of the band.  … read more

Episode #343 – Martian Textilez

Over the last decade Martian Textilez has been working on himself. From relationships to friendships to his own sense of masculinity, Textilez’ sees opportunity for growth in almost everything.  … read more

Episode #342 – PETR Chubak

After years spent in his last project angrily expressing his relationship to depression, bipolar, anxiety and suicide, Teague Chubak realized he was only reinforcing the feelings he was trying to recover from. PETR Chubak became Chubak’s new avenue for tackling these topics, now through a lens of positivity and a desire to be understood rather than merely heard.   … read more

Episode #341 – World’s Worst

World’s Worst released their eponymous EP in April, and the album’s themes of feeling stuck and rudderless hit different in the time of quarantine.  … read more