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SLUG Mag is one of Utah’s longest-running and most experienced independent magazines. Since 1989, SLUG has given a voice to Utah’s community and continues to expand its coverage in both print and digital media. 

SLUG’s print issue streets the first Friday of each month, available anyplace cool throughout the state of Utah. Here on, find daily online-exclusives, the biweekly SLUG Soundwaves podcast, the Daily Calendar and SLUG’s complete archives. Spot the SLUG crew throughout Salt Lake City at various community events, ranging from local festivals to SLUG’s monthly Localized music showcase and much more.


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Angela H. Brown

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Contributor Limelight: John Ford

At SLUG, Community Development Manager John Ford puts in the hours day in and out. Not only does he help put our lovely advertisers in front of our dear readers, but he also assists and orchestrates countless operations so that we may perform the full breadth of our events programming and distribution throughout Northern Utah. The dude is even the Production Manager for our sister nonprofit, Craft Lake City! Ford helps keep the lights on around here in both our physical office space and in spirit with his dogged positivity and commitment to SLUG. He loves to hit each Disney amusement park he can during his brief in-between moments, sure as the wind blows to bring back a tasty treat to share. Anyone with a relationship with John Ford is lucky to have such a present friend committed to supporting them however he can—we sure are.