Hondo - Good Boy at Large at SLUG Magazine
Good Boy-At-Large


Known for his demure, dignified look and tasteful tail, Hondo is much more than meets the eye. Hondo joined SLUG Magazine in July of 2014 and was scouted for his expertise in being a good boy. Hondo’s role at SLUG is intentionally fluid, allowing him to stay nimble and respond to the changing work landscape. A day of work for Hondo is a laundry list of thankless but crucial tasks, including managing the flow of food throughout the office, daily wellness-check rounds and keeping a watchful eye on his co-workers. Though it can be challenging to know what 5×5 plots of floorspace are best for napping in our ever-shifting, open office, Hondo’s dedication to researching this issue has become one of SLUG’s most successful, long-term internal projects.