Junior Editor

Asha Pruitt

Asha Pruitt is SLUG’s Junior Editor and helps coordinate our monthly print issue while also helming our national and local music coverage. Joining the team in June of 2023, Pruitt brings her experience working as an Arts and Entertainment reporter at The Daily Californian, which helped prepare her for the weighty task of sleuthing for SLUG’s underground arts and culture coverage. According to Pruitt, finding new and exciting artists and businesses to spotlight feels like a never-ending treasure hunt with infinite pots of gold. Pruitt is proud to work for a publication that prioritizes print media in the digital age, and she loves exploring niche subjects while researching coverage for SLUG’s monthly issue themes. Outside of SLUG, Pruitt spends her time doing arts and crafts such as jewelry, pottery, knitwear, prints and everything in between. Of course, she also loves writing, and SLUG is lucky to have Pruitt’s eye for the craft.