Episode #288 – Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson details his journey as a guitarist, from metalhead to finger-style expert—and how to grow in this acoustic genre. … read more

Episode #287 – Night Marcher

On this episode of Soundwaves, Night Marcher musician and rock prodigy Rob Reinfurt found his path by playing music. … read more

Episode #286 – Crow Killer

Blake Foard discusses his band, Crow Killer, as a platform for activism, a team promoting a drug-free lifestyle, and as an outlet to cope with depression and fight suicide. … read more

Episode #285 – Andrew Goldring

On this episode of Soundwaves, Andrew Goldring discusses his ascent from guitar-based blues music to indie-powerhouse musician and producer at Soundcave. … read more


Episode #284 – Nick Passey

In this episode of Soundwaves, Nick Passey discusses how he became a solo artist, his experiences on tour, the recording process of his debut album and his love for Salt Lake City. … read more

Episode #283 – WEY

In this episode of Soundwaves, WEY founder Spock talks about the band’s formation and the quick evolution of their sound. … read more

Episode #282 – Tishmal

Tishmal is the moniker of local singer-songwriter Rachel Brockbank, whose debut project dropped in early 2018. She disscusses her path towards music, explains the origins and meanings of her new songs, and her participation in the L’femme de Velour festival on this episode of Soundwaves. … read more

Episode #281 – Tony Holiday

Tony Holiday, the frontman of Tony Holiday and the Velvetones, comes to Soundwaves to talk about his history with blues music and his commitment to keeping the genre alive. Along with the Velvetones, he plays a style of blues that keeps the style fresh with extremely tight playing and a polished, clean sound. … read more

Episode #280 – The Nods

In this episode of Soundwaves, Jeremy Devine, drummer for local garage-punk band The Nods, plugs the band’s first monthly residency night at Urban Lounge featuring City of DIS, and bespeaks the The Nods’ ongoing, DIY recordings in anticipation of possible to-be-released tracks. … read more

Episode #279 – Dissension

Alejandro Gomez (drummer) and Rick Neria (vocals) of local metal band Dissension discuss their love for extreme metal, their inspirations, the elements of death metal and their debut album, Ancient Chaos. … read more