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Episode #384 – Daytime Lover

Lead singer and songwriter of Daytime Lover, Moriah Glazier, describes their music as “indie/rock music with a little bit of psych/rock to it and a little bit of surf. At its core, it’s kind of singer/songwriter.” With folk and singer/songwriter influences growing up such as Bob Dylan, Glazier adds to the canon along with band members Nora Price (bass), Jared Asplund (drums) and Emma Roberts (lead guitar). 

Glazier explains that her biggest motivation for making music is to help work through emotions from the personal to the communal level. “I really care about just honesty in music. I see it as a way to process my own emotions,” she says. But these songs aren’t just journal entries—she tries to add a more universal element to them, considering how other people might be experiencing similar feelings and thoughts. “[There’s] this tiny part that is my truth and then everything else is like what I imagine or what I’ve heard other people say about their feelings towards things,” she explains.

With her songwriting, Glazier also focuses on themes of vulnerability, challenging herself to be more open and raw with the goal of encouraging that in others. Ultimately, she hopes to “give people words for their own feelings” and “inspire people to accept the reality of what it is to be a human.” 

Daytime Lover’s debut album, I Was Asleep, which releases March 4, displays this approach to songwriting. Glazier talks a bit about the ideas in this project: “It’s about time, it’s about processing trauma; it’s about love a little bit and break up[s] a little bit. And I guess it’s also about how people relate to each other and connect to each other,” she says. Whether it’s feeling confident to be unapologetically yourself in a room—with other people or even with yourself—songs on this album such as “Fishbone,” “Sensational” and “Cut Loose” explore what it looks like to be human in this world, navigating challenges of trauma, PTSD and heartbreak.

You can listen to the song “I Was Asleep” here and stream Daytime Lover’s full debut album on any music platform. Catch them at their album release show March 4 at Quarters DLC or their show on March 26 at The International. You can follow them on Instagram @daytime.lover to keep up with their new releases and upcoming shows!