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SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #388 – Form of Rocket

Form of Rocket’s Curtis Jensen joined us on SLUG Soundwaves to talk about the 20-plus-year-old band. According to Jensen, Form of Rocket is a fun-to-play, athletic math-rock band. While the band members aren’t all based in Salt Lake anymore, they consider themselves a Salt Lake band due to their upbringing and niche sound. “When we first started playing, we didn’t use microphones. I just kind of ran into the crowd and yelled in people’s faces,” says Jensen. Band members consisted of Peter Makowski (guitar, vocals), Tyler Smith (drums), Ben Dodds (bass, vocals) and Curtis Jensen (guitar, vocals). When Jensen left Form of Rockets briefly in 2005, he was replaced by Eric Bliss

Form of Rockets not only has roots in Salt Lake but also SLUG! On the first day of Kilby Block Party (May 13), the band will perform and release two singles (“Keep Smilin’ Ed Smart” and “Dar un Luz”) on cassette that were originally produced for the first and second volumes of SLUG‘s Death By Salt compilation in from 2004 and 2006, respectively. For this new reissue, the band enlisted local artist Trent Call to create new artwork. The cassette was turned into a zine and there were drawings, photos and writing inside of it. 

Be sure to catch Form of Rocket at the Kilby Block Party on May 13 in the evening and at the Kilby Block Party After Party at Urban Lounge. Purchase a tape at the show, and keep an eye out on for digital orders.