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SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #439 – Boyfriend Sushi Town

Boyfriend Sushi Town is a four-piece garage rock band from Salt Lake City. With two full-length albums under their belt, the band’s unique sound is instantly recognizable because of its surprising blend of classical violin with gritty, post-rock riffs and melodies.

I wrote an article for SLUG in January of 2022, and I made two predictions: 1) That Boyfriend Sushi Town’s debut album “Rufus” would achieve cult status among its listeners, and 2) That it would be the group’s only record because directly after “Rufus,” two band members would move to Chicago.

In today’s episode, the guys talk about writing their second album, “Player,” and how that move to Chicago actually didn’t go as planned. Instead, it sky-rocketed the band on a trajectory of one sold-out-show after another. PLUS how they took their sound from a garage band recording on a cellphone to an upcoming set at this year’s Kilby Block Party.