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SLUG Mag Soundwaves
Episode #440 – Cautious Clay
Cautious Clay, aka Joshua Karpeh, is a singer/songwriter and producer from Cleveland, Ohio. With an extensive background in music, his first single dropped in 2017, and since then has released multiple heavy-hitting albums and EP’s. He collaborated with John Mayer for two song releases, one of which was featured on the Netflix TV series soundtrack of “13 Reasons Why.” His first single was also sampled by Taylor Swift in 2019, on her track “London Boy.”
As part of SLUG Mag’s Kilby Block Party coverage, I was able to sit down with Joshua on a zoom, where he joined me from his place in Brooklyn. We discussed the concept of his most recent album release, “KARPEH,” and how he wrote it in three parts. Each representing a part of his familial past, and how he carries it with him in his life. Cautious Clay will also be playing at Kilby Block Party on Saturday May 11.  Get your tickets to the festival here!