Concert Review: Fractal Method, Tom Purdue, Lily’s Remains


The atmosphere of the Pompadour was electric as the audience anticipated the return of Fractal Method to regular performing in Salt Lake. Although Fractal has produced two tapes (Strange Attractor and Chaos) in the past year, their performances have been few and far between. Their appearance at last month’s Sabbathon was witnessed by too few, and the last full-production show before that was last February with Tom Purdie at the Perseus Opera, a venue of dubious acoustics.

Lily’s Remains, Ogden-based boy wonders, opened the show with a gothic-tinged set. Although the musicianship seemed awkward at points, they were brave enough to attempt an entirely innovative sound. Given a little time to mature their performance, these guys will be impressive, indeed. Tom Purdue’s set was an opportunity to view his surprising showmanship and hear his mellow brand of industrial. “Heaven’s Open Wide” and “America” were the best numbers of the set, but Tom’s mannequin dance is certainly something to be seen. Joined by Shaun on guitar and a member of Bandle-Coix on backup vocals and keyboards, Purdue’s haunting songwriting and lyrics produce a mesmerizing effect. I look forward to hearing more from Tom Purdie when he makes the move from Brigham City to Salt Lake later this month. 

Fractal Method played a spectacular set, complemented by a better-than-usual light and fog show and intense visuals on TV monitors. The overall effect was dazzling, and the wait between shows proved to be well worth it. Grover’s costumes, vocals and antics on such tunes as “Die Monster Die,” “Ghouls” and “Passage” added to the visual effect. The musical highlights of the set were “LCD,” “Deadly Complication,” Grimoire” and “Getting With The Devil,” all cuts off the Chaos EP, but my personal favorite was an entirely live version of “Dissonance,” which, incidentally, proves that Fractal Method can survive nicely without sequences. 

All in all, a great show from three great bands. If you didn’t get to see them this time, catch ‘em on the next opportunity!


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