Concert Reviews: Issue 56, August 1993

Concert Reviews: August 1993


Bumblescrump, Loneliest Monster and Miskreant
July 17, 1993 — Delta Pub

I bet you never imagined that 2 1/4 inches in a fire escape could completely ruin a show. Friday July 17, the basement of DV8 was to host a show, but due to the fact that the Fire Marshal felt that the fire escape was too small for his fat rump to fit through, the show was moved to the Delta Pub. Not a bad place. If only it were all ages, (soon hopefully). Anyway back to the show. 

Opening up was Loneliest Monster. I don’t know a damn thing about this band. They were fast and energetic, with absolutely no stage fright. 

Next up was Bumblescrump. I don’t know about these guys. Zay, of the old Speedway, who runs things at the Delta Pub did a good job showing this band how to plug their equipment in.

If you ever saw Sid and Nancy and remember the part where Sid is singing in his own hand while reading the lyrics then you’ll know what Bumblescrump was like. No talent. I missed Miskreant due to circumstances beyond my control. But on a good note, Margie and Zay, and all others involved did a great job holding things together. 

Now all that is needed are more people to support happenings around town. 


Control, Concert Reviews: August 1993
I found Control to be one of the most energetic stage performances I’ve ever seen in a while. Concert Reviews: August 1993

Ren Sanction, Indivision, Anger Overload and Control 
July 17 — Delta Pub

If you like funk and metal check out Indivision, they’re new in Salt Lake. All I want to know about Anger Overload is how five guys can hop on stage and make some of the rudest, loudest, noisiest spew from the bowels of guitars, amplifiers, drums and the gut of Brad, the singer. I thoroughly enjoyed A.O. and the fact that the guitarists got naked added an extra perk in my nipple.

Control came from out of nowhere, three gentlemen with instruments. I found Control to be one of the most energetic stage performances I’ve ever seen in a while. Their sound can be described as a dash of Jawbox, lggy Pop and a shit batch of tabasco sauce. (That means I thought they were a hot ticket, and maybe if they ever come again you should go.) Simple punk rock.

I’d never heard Rein Sanction, but I heard they were good. I didn’t really think so. They showed up late and it seemed to me they played half-assed. Maybe they were just tired or something. I probably will buy one of their albums to see if they sound like I thought they would if they were more into it.

This is going to sound like a plug, cause it is.

The Delta Pub is the place to be. It’s run by the former owner of Speedway, so it definitely has a good Rock and Roll feel. It’s the biggest place I’ve been in quite a some time. The sound system is fuckin’ rad, there are pool tables and fine beverages on tap. So go. I like this place. Chopper


The Shaven and Crackerbash
July 22 — Bar & Grill

Crackerbash, Concert Reviews: August 1993
Next up was Crackerbash, from Portland. These guys rule. Their energy level was high considering they didn’t have much of a crowd. Concert Reviews: August 1993

What a wonderful night. I had a choice between a show at Pioneer Hall and the Bar & Grill. Since the show at Pioneer Hall was a farewell show I figured it would be packed so I opted for the Bar & Grill. Boy, was it nice. Only a small crowd gathered for these two bands.

First up was The Shaven. Not too bad for an opening act. Plenty of changes from slow to fast and back. Definitely a contending band in the ever-changing industry of music. I really don’t know how to describe their music. Other than blending in a blur of fury fast, then slow. Everything seemed to fit nicely. Not much grunge from these three guys, which is a pleasant change.

Next up was Crackerbash, from Portland. These guys rule. Their energy level was high considering they didn’t have much of a crowd. Most of their set was off their new CD on Empty Records, which kicks ass, watch for the review next month. Anyway, definitely not your typical Northwest band. These guys left some impression. I know I left feeling great after their set. They play fast with a touch of pop and sing songs revolving around how they see themselves and the world around them, sometimes making no sense and other times making me at least open my eyes to a different thought. A great night at the Bar & Grill, unusual. Next year they will be back for an all ages show so go see them. RDB


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