Interview: Shudder To Think


Shudder To Think‘s lead singer Craig Wedren, took some time out of a sound check on a balmy September afternoon in front of Playscool to answer a few questions. The traffic overhead was loud, the atmosphere casual and content; relaxed, much like Wedren’s demeanor. It was a great day. 

Shudder To Think was formed in late ”86/early ‘87. The current lineup —Stuart Hill on bass, Adan Wade on drums, Nathan Larson on guitar, and Wedren, lead vocals and guitar— has been together for about three years. “Obviously the chemistry always changes and you hope it evolves, but yeah, we’re in a bit of a groove now,” said Wedren. 

Previously, Shudder To Think released three records on the Dischord label and one on the Sammitch label (The Sammitch label is somehow financially connected to Dischord. Sammitch at that time was run by Amanda MacKaye, Ian’s sister).

Shudder To Think made the big leap from an independent label to a major about a year ago. There was some hesitancy at first, but since the move to Epic things have worked out great for them and they have been very pleased. Wedren expanded on their experience,”When you’re in a band, you grow up with horror stories (about major labels). But, I think that people of our ilk have sort of ‘come into the folds’ of major record labels. And the major labels have loosened up a bit. Epic signed us for what we do and the way we do it. They’re supporting our direction and that includes whatever may happen next.” 

At the end of the interview, I told Craig it was an open format and I would write whatever he would say … anything. “um … uhh … I’ll leave it totally open to you. You can write any ‘ole thing you want and say that I said it.” 

SLUG: “Something like your favorite place to play is Salt Lake City, UT and you wouldn’t rather be anywhere else in the world?”

CW: “Exactly, exactly, never … unfortunately I have to keep touring. I have to leave this fair city tomorrow.” Oh well, remember, you read it here first!”

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