New Band Review: February 1995


SLUGFEST is a new alternative for local bands to showcase their material on a night dedicated to new local bands. We will try to do this every month or so, and keep it up throughout the year. It is strictly for new local bands that get little exposure.

Sir Knobbie Hassle & The Swamp Donkeys. February 1995


The first of our SLUGFEST shows of 1995 features three very diverse bands. The first of which is Sir Knobbie Hassle & The Swamp Donkeys. This band features ex-Maggotheads and Rubberneck rock Gods Jason Lamb and Keith ‘Cornholio’ Music. Add the drumming of Trent Pratt and Wayne Moss (a guy who’s looking for a cross between a 24hr coffee shop waitress and an industrial vacuum for a girlfriend) and you have the makings of quite a cool band. They call themselves “Good old punk rock, while stating that they just want to be “fucking hip” and have women find them highly erotic at the same time.


Erector: February 1995

Next band: Erector. This trio consists of Jimmy Scott (ex-Broadside guitarist) on guitar and vocals. Jason Jessen from the metal band “Mindrape” on drums and Jamie Goble of Athlete’s Butt fame. This band boasts over 40 tattoos, 11 body piercings, breasts from SLUG back issues and songs about drinking, cars and women. Not to mention the very cool songs “Bleed Baby Bleed” appearing on the upcoming SLUG compilation #5. This band should kick ass if they can keep from killing each other on stage. The music is, however, killer stuff and that’s what makes this band gel. I can’t wait to see if the rest of their set is as good as the one song I’ve heard. You can see for yourself at the show. This band will be up last on the 24, so plan to stay up late.

Valderrama: February 1995

The last band, and probably first in line to play, is
Valderrama. Make sure you get to the Cinema Bar early, so you don’t miss these guys! This four piece may very well redefine punk rock in the land of Zion. Or maybe they’ll just play a set & drink until they vomit. Either way, you’ll want to witness Valderrama for yourself. The lineup consists of Dan Petersen on guitar. (I’ve known Dan for four years and he still holds the title of ‘Coolest Man Alive’). Greg Fredette of Salt Flat Records on bass, Ryan Smith (not sure if that’s his real name) on drums and Vaughn “Vonzy” Brown as the vocalist / noisemaker. That is all I’m going to tell you. IF you blow it and miss this band, you’ll be the idiot going “Huh, I didn’t see them” when your friends are all telling you how cool they are.

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