Photo: Matt Rubin
Evelin created this shadowbox art piece as a way to express herself tangibly in her journey to wellness. Photo: John Barkiple
UMOCA Artist-in-Residence Megan Hallett will show the outcome of The League of Reluctant Bicyclists at the museum on June 28. Photo: Kerri Hopkins
Photo: @clancycoop
Siri Elaine uses her artwork as a pathway to healing an self-discovery.
Photo: ThatGuyGil
Whitney Tassie, UMFA Senior Curator, works with colleagues in the Department of Art and Art History to review applications and select those who will create the LeWitt drawing. Photo: @clancycoop
(L–R) Shalee Cooper and Diane Stewart work together to build Modern West into a fruitful contemporary art resource for the community. Photo: @cezaryna
The Tolerance show in Finland was hosted at the Caisa Gallery in Helsinki. Photo courtesy of Mirko Ilić
Photo: @clancycoop