Spoken-word artist RJ Walker leads Wasatch Wordsmiths, who bespeak the power of slam and performance poetry to the community. | Photo: John Barkiple.
Michaela Dransfield, bartender at Under Current. Photo: @clancycoop
Artist Ali Mitchell, pictured with work from her Oil Fields exhibition at Mestizo Coffeehouse. Photo: Blake Peterson
Pretty Macabre. Photo: @clancycoop
Justin Watson, still from |human|
Gerda Saunders. Photo: @clancycoop
Balqis Al-Rashed. Photo: Nidal Morra
Joshy Soul. Photo: @clancycoop
(L–R) Emery Lloyd and Mya Bateman. Photo: John Barkiple
(Center, front to back) Angela Ellsworth, Seer Bonnet series (2010); Chakaia Booker, Discarded Memories (2008); Anna Campbell Bliss, Celebration (1985). Photo: @clancycoop