(L–R) Matthias (Nicolas Maxim Endlicher) and Matthew (Antoine Lahaie) vie for masculine dominance in Slamdance film M/M. Image: Ann Tipper
(L–R) Anthony and Joe Russo will offer $25,000 to an adventurous Slamdance indie filmmaker from this year’s festival. | Photo courtesy of Slamdance
Film-industry education at Slamdance Polytechnic 2017. | Photos courtesty of Slamdance
Meagan Gonsalves-Vorwald. Photo: @clancycoop
The Printed Garden founder Aaron Cance has set up shop to foster human connection via literature. | Photo: coltonmarsalaphotography.com
Author Michael Mejia has turned the typical narrative inside out in his upcoming novel, Tokyo. | Photo by Natalie Haws
Jai Hamid Bashir | Photo: Danielle Woodall
Swen of the Wirble at Fringe Gallery evinces the liminal spaces between natural and personal disasters. | Photo: coltonmarsalaphotography.com
Spoken-word artist RJ Walker leads Wasatch Wordsmiths, who bespeak the power of slam and performance poetry to the community. | Photo: John Barkiple.
Michaela Dransfield, bartender at Under Current. Photo: @clancycoop