Abode Vintage is a treasure box full of the items you never knew you wanted—or perhaps I should say “needed.”

Abode Vintage: Craft Lake City Vintage Vendor

Art and Fashion

After pioneering the virtual festival format for the 2020 DIY Festival, Craft Lake City is making their exciting return to the Utah State Fairpark for the 13th Annual DIY Festival Presented By Harmons. The 2021 Festival features the largest offering yet of artisans, craft foodies, performers and much more. Read about some of the fantastic Utah DIY-ers participating at this year’s festival in the following pages, and head to craftlakecity.com for more information on the 13th Annual DIY Festival.

In the eastern suburbs of Salt Lake City lies an unassuming shopping strip, and within it lives a time machine that takes you everywhere you could want to go at once—Abode Vintage. It’s an organized mix of the old, the used and the magnificent. Abode was established 19 years ago when the owner, Miriam Sabir, fell in love with the tangible gifts of yesterday and chose to share her passion with her community.

Some of the various curios available from Abode Vintage.
Photo: Kevin Edwards

Abode Vintage started as a passion project between Sabir and her sister and originally sold only home goods products. But after Sabir’s sister amicably left the business, Miriam evolved the shop into one that sold not only home products but also clothes, jewelry and accessories. Abode’s transformation gave way for the store to become the eclectic and unique shop it is today. Furthermore, Sabir says the transition resulted in her customer’s ability to  finally “dress as fresh, bold and exciting as their home decor!”  Today, the Abode Vintage time machine remains in the same place with the same impactful intention of finding “carefully curated vintage with an inclination towards the fun, funky and functional,” says Sabir. By supporting stores like Abode, you are carrying on someone else’s story. As Sabir says, “Vintage accessories have something to say about the owner and lend an interest that can be passed through generations.” Abode is a treasure box full of the items you never knew you wanted—perhaps I should say “needed.” Theadora Soter