As a graphic designer and freelance artist, Arlander Taylor IV's work as Wakuu Works and TMINEC includes everything from clothing to typography.

Amplifying Black Voices: Arlander Taylor IV – Wakuu Works / TMINEC

Art and Fashion

Arlander Taylor IV earned his undergraduate degree in finance, but has always carried a love for design work. In 2012, Taylor downloaded Photoshop and began to teach himself the intricacies of design. His work has graduated from small commissions for friends and creators to working with larger companies such as Adidas, A Ma Maniere and the Atlanta Design Festival.

Currently, Taylor works at Fice Gallery and Boutique as Manager and Creative Director, a role in which he’s able to maintain his artistic drive by designing logos and T-shirt graphics. Locally, Taylor’s commissions heavily revolve around logo projects for smaller businesses. “I love to create for my own personal, artistic expression,” he says.

His design work also expands to his clothing line, TMINEC, which began as an interest in high school when Taylor would create custom, stone-washed denim pieces. “I figured if I could teach myself graphic design, I could start a clothing line,” Taylor says. “My passion for design came a few years after I designed my first T-shirt, when I realized I loved graphic design far more than I loved fashion or streetwear.” This realization allowed Taylor to focus more heavily on building a design practice.

Moreover, Taylor’s work in designing gig posters is where he initially outlined his stylistic emphasis on typography and form. Taylor’s commissioned work draws inspiration from numerology, semiotics and nature. “I build out most of my grids (when I use them) using Fibonacci sequences, and all of my personal work has some level of symbolism embedded within, if it’s not visually explicit,” he says.

While quarantine has slowed down several businesses, Arlander Taylor has actually found himself busier than usual, spending his free time learning calligraphy and type design. “It feels to me like more people are starting businesses and creative endeavors with the extra time, and that’s been really good for me,” he says. Make sure to check out Taylor’s design work on his Instagram