Henry Kemp's clothing line, Hippie Culture Clothing Co., features colorful and unique tie-dyed pieces with a mantra of bringing people together.

Amplifying Black Voices: Hippie Culture Clothing Co. – Henry Kemp

Art and Fashion

Henry Kemp, the face behind Hippie Culture Clothing Co., recognizes fashion as a way to manifest individuality and self-expression. Kemp opened his own clothing line with the hope that others with the same style may use his pieces to express themselves.

Hippie Culture Clothing Co. began after Kemp spent several years studying graphic design and learning how to tie-dye with the mission of “bring[ing] people from different races, religions, genders, political views and all other walks of life together in realizing that we are all connected,” says Kemp. Hippie Culture Clothing Co.’s mantra is also represented through their logo, which illustrates “two [differently] colored hands coming together in peace with the world behind it, which symbolizes two different beings coming together to contribute to world peace,” Kemp says.

Many of Hippie Culture’s clothing items are tie-dyed, involving an intensive process of dying the clothes, soaking them in soda ash, letting them sit, then repeatedly rinsing and drying so the colors don’t bleed out. Considering how time-consuming and intensive his process is, Kemp appreciates those who support local brands and businesses over larger corporations.

“To have members [of] a community take the time of day to support the brand—and over the well-known brands—is special for me, and I want to thank everyone who has,” says Kemp.

Though self-isolation has proven difficult for many businesses, Kemp has seen the time as an opportunity to harness his creativity and invest time in designing new logo styles and innovating his design process. “[Social distancing] has helped me get back into my zen of creating,” says Kemp.

Kemp’s hope for Hippie Culture Clothing Co. is to open a storefront in which customers can browse and shop, as well as to create his own pop-up shops to help others create their own tie-dyed pieces. You can support Kemp and his brand through the shop’s Instagram @hippiecultureclothingco and their website, hippiecultureclothingco.com. –Jamie Christensen