The founders of art blog, Anna West and Todd Powelson, will celebrate ArtDuh's one-year anniversary with a huge art show at The Hive Gallery. Photo: Gage Thompson.

Gallery Stroll – May 2011


Have you ever thought that art was over your head? How could something that looks like a cat stepped in paint and then rolled around a canvas be considered art? (That really happened and the cat became famous—but only in crazy cat-person circles.)

The funny thing about art is that it’s made out to be more complicated than it is. Art is created either by emotion or inspiration––both very personal experiences. As someone who can not paint, draw or sculpt, I view art with an appreciation for the work put into it and the gut reaction I have towards it. Using that equation, I’ve critiqued my way through countless galleries during the monthly gallery stroll. Don’t be afraid—it’s just art!

Artist Todd Powelson and writer Anna West know that taking themselves and art too seriously makes for a dull life, and these two are anything but dull. Powelson is an experienced artist, graphic designer and illustrator, and West is a marketing guru and writer. Together they created the fun, off the wall, all-encompassing art blog known as ArtDuh.

ArtDuh is updated three times a week and covers everything from the visual and performing arts to fashion, architecture, culinary arts and new media arts. It’s all art—duh. Celebrating the one-year anniversary of, the couple has invited all of the artists featured on their blog to join them with a huge art show at the Hive Gallery in Salt Lake City.

“We’ve met artists all over the country simply by looking them up and writing about them,” says West, The Duchess of Duh (aka Art Duh’s editor-in-chief). “That’s why we’re inviting local and non-local talent to converge at the anniversary show. We are hoping they will mate and have a love child—a less insular Salt Lake City art scene.”

The anniversary show runs April 23 through May 31 at the Hive Gallery on the second floor of Trolley Square. Headlining the show will be Todd Powelson’s cubist oil paintings and marker drawings, along with intergalactically famous artists Jesse Reno, Veronica DeJesus and Zach Medler.

The work of local artists Teresa Flowers, Colt Bowden, Angela Brown, Dallas Russell, Matt Monson, Portia Early, Heidi Gress, Justin Wheatley, Melanie McGee Evans, Peter Mooseman, Dave Borba, Shawna Powelson and Tonya Vistaunet will also be on display. Crafts from the Craft Sabbath co-op will also be for sale and Youth City’s Ottinger Hall’s 9- to 14-year-old students will have an art wall, too.

On May 20, the masses are invited to party at The Hive—it’s Gallery Stroll, duh! The night includes Transfusion Hype’s break-dancers. Strollers are invited between 6 and 10 p.m.—vintage ‘50s wardrobe is recommended, though not required. There is no cost for this art extravaganza, but West and Powelson ask every artist out there to raid their art supply stashes for unneeded art supplies to replenish the art cupboards at Ottinger Hall. Items like duct tape, markers, fabric and paint are the most needed.

Also as part of this month’s Gallery Stroll on May 20, Blonde Grizzly will be hosting the Salt Lake City Film Festival’s Retro Vision of the Future. The show will feature works from local artists in the classic style of ‘60s and ‘70s sci fi movie posters.

I believe if you use my criteria of hard work plus gut reaction (and read ArtDuh regularly), you can set out for Salt Lake’s monthly Gallery Stroll with the confidence that you know art when you see it. The rest is just free entertainment. Thanks for supporting local art!