(L–R) Dane and Sara Goodwin of Goodies and Co.

Goodies and Co.: CLC Vintage Vendor


The season of summer is beloved for the vibrancy, warmth and fruitfulness of our surroundings. On Aug. 9–11, Salt Lake City will celebrate summertime, along with the best of our state’s DIY engineers, craft foodies, performers and craftspeople at the 11th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival Presented By Harmons at the Utah State Fairpark. Every year, Craft Lake City commemorates the best of Utah’s creators, this year being CLC’s first at the Utah State Fairpark—there is much to celebrate! Visit craftlakecity.com to learn more about the 11th DIY Festival.

Trinket, art and vintage-clothing vendors Goodies and Co. (@goodies.and.co) started out small. Dane Goodwin was selling paintings and prints outside the Farmers’ Market and eventually worked his way up to selling his artwork at festivals. He and his wife, Sara Goodwin, bonded over their love for making fun art, and after the first pin they made together (their iconic gumball pin) caught a lot of attention, they decided that it was time to take it to the next level. They started to sell pins, stickers and screen prints at different festivals.

At first, they started out with art and pins, but the Goodwins saw an opportunity to expand on their mutual love of thrifting and introduced vintage clothes to their booths and eventual storefront. “We’re sick of men’s sections full of navy clothes and women’s sections full of fast-fashion crop tops,” Sara says. Dane’s love for bright, fun fashion and Sara’s keen sense of style come together to find rad, vintage clothing for those who want to dress outside of the box. Thus the current incarnation of Goodies and Co. was born. “It’s a hodge-podge of trinkets, art and vintage clothing that are geared toward the colorful and eccentric,” Sara says.

As far as vintage clothes go, Goodies and Co. loves to focus on fun ’80s prints and textiles. “We try to find the most interesting, unique pieces we can get our hands on,” Sara says. This can be a range of T’s, cat sweaters, denim vests and more. “We want you to wear something that makes you feel good,” Sara says. “We want the clothes from yesteryear to have another breath.We’re no respecter of decades, but think that the styles from the last 40 years are more up our alley.”

While Goodies and Co. are known for their original trinkets, they’re definitely a hot-spot for your vintage-fashion fix. This is their fourth year participating in the Craft Lake City DIY Festival. –Zaina Abujebarah

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