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Local Tattooers: Miss Amanda


Salt Lake City has fostered a steadfast tattooing scene for a couple decades now. It seems like no matter where you go within the city limits or beyond, there is an established shop to be found with committed, knowledgable, skilled and wise people on the tattoo machine. So you may have time to plan your next custom piece or esoteric flash once the heat dies down, SLUG has compiled images of tattooers’ work and their thoughts on their craft. Since it’s impossible to include everyone involved in local tattooing in one issue of SLUG, we’re mixing it up with a range of tattooers from different shops with a range of professional backgrounds, experience, etc. to depict a segment of the current local-tattooing mosaic of SLC/Utah.

Instagram: @tattoosbymissamanda

Shop: 27 • 535 S. 700 East • 801.906.8116 • @27tattoo

Years tattooing: Since 2005, so about 13 years.

Where you apprenticed and for how long: Maryland, two years.

Miss Amanda
Miss Amanda

What styles of tattooing do you favor/specialize in: Art Nouveau, large-scale Japanese and floral.

Favorite subject matter: Cute, fluffy animals, probably.

Favorite flash: Don’t really use flash any more … but if I can pull something out from way back, it would probably have been some sweet David Bolt flash. 😉

Favorite custom piece you’ve done: All my work is custom, and it’s hard to coin a “favorite,” but I suppose my latest, best feeling of accomplishment would be the geisha back piece I just finished.

Tattooer you admire: That would have to be Jeff Gogue, and also the reason I keep flying out to Oregon and giving him large sums of money to make pretty pictures on me. ;P

Other visual art you make: I do paint when I can squeeze it in. I love oils as well as using FW inks, two totally different painting styles.

Tattooing guilty pleasure: I guess I have a soft spot for fantasy … I seem to do a lot of Harry Potter–related things. Oh, and kitties.

Nerdiest thing you know about tattooing: Hmm, well, I know that the word “tattoo,” I believe, originated in the Pacific Islands. The word means “to tap,” which is derived from the process with which the tattooing is applied: two sticks, with a sharpened, comb-like tool on the end of one that is placed on the skin, and the other used to tap on the comb, creating punctures.

Best tattooing tunes to play in the shop: We keep it pretty mellow at the shop. I like to throw on some Puscifer, or How to Destroy Angels or maybe Crosses.

Shoutouts: I’d like to shout out to the owner of 27 (@vicback) for creating a beautiful work environment. And, of course, my wonderful husband (@tattoosbyrick_27), who shares a space with me at 27 and always knows how to brighten my day. And the rest of the crew @27tattoo!

Find a selection of Miss Amanda’s works below:

All photos courtesy of Miss Amanda