Root + Rise Botanicals: Amy Menzel

Root + Rise Botanicals: Craft Lake City Artisan


Root + Rise Botanicals

Root + Rise Botanicals: Amy Menzel
Photo: John Barkiple

Made from natural ingredients sourced from her local community garden, sustainable wildcrafting and Mountain Rose Herbs, Amy Menzel’s lovingly crafted Root + Rise Botanicals creations will revitalize your body, mind and spirit.

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Menzel spent several years traveling, propelled on a journey of exploring natural wellness. When she made her way to Thailand, she was struck by the community’s closeness to nature. “Here, we think of it as ‘going into nature,’ where it’s separate from us,” says Menzel. “In other cultures, they share a space with nature.” Inspired, Menzel endeavored to invite more nature into her everyday life. A licensed master esthetician, certified yoga instructor and herbalist, Menzel transformed her passion into a business after she was accepted into the Utah Microenterprise Loan Fund’s Banking on Women program and first launched her line at Craft Lake City’s 2015 DIY Festival.

“It’s so joyful and rewarding to pour my heart into something that has been a form of healing in my own journey,” says Menzel, “and to share what I’ve experienced for others to take that step to a greater connection to earth.” Working with the illuminating energy of the sun and moon, Menzel infuses medicinal and therapeutic botanicals into each of her natural products, such as her must-have, eight-herb all-heal balm, which can be applied to anything from cuts to burns to post-surgery pain. Currently, Menzel is focused on creating nourishing balms and nurturing bath teas, and will launch a new line of luscious body oils at this year’s DIY Fest—think grapefruit and juniper, lavender and sage.

In addition to showcasing her new products, Menzel looks forward to connecting with similarly minded businesses, meeting people and continuing her journey toward a ritual of healing and closeness to nature. “I invite everyone to indulge in the beauty that nature has to offer,” she says, “to feel that grounding and connection and wrap yourself in a botanical blanket.” Find Root + Rise at Vive Juicery, We Are Yoga and Land of Salt, or place an order for pickup or delivery online.

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