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SLUG Style: Kennady Jensen

Art and Fashion

Glittery heavy metal cowgirl Kennady Jensen can be found behind the bar at Alibi Bar & Place crafting new, original cocktails that are as vibrant and uniquely curated as her personal style. Keep up with her fashionable adventures on Instagram at @kennady.jensen and get a sneak peek of her fabulous mixology work at @alibislc. 

Every month, SLUG Style features a distinct member of the community and asks them why they do what they do. Exploring more than just clothing, SLUG Style is an attempt to feature the people who give Salt Lake City flavor through personality and panache.

What are your stylistic influences? This could be a band, decade, fictional character—anything.

I’m very drawn to the whole ‘80s aesthetic—bands like Mötley Crüe and Judas Priest, or Canadian tuxedos of vintage denim, with a combo of Shania Twain and Marty Robbins. I can’t ever pass up buying a good denim jacket or a pair of cool-looking cowboy boots.


As a self-proclaimed “glitter baby,” sparkles seem to show up often in your makeup. What is it that draws you to glitter?

Glitter became a part of my routine a couple years ago. It started as a way to boost my confidence on a day-to-day basis and became an easy way to feel more exciting, unique and like myself. I love that glitter is extra and a bit dramatic and leaves its mark everywhere I go—it’s not something I’m going to stop wearing anytime soon.

What are your interests or hobbies? What is a hobby or interest that you have that no one would realize to ask you about?

When I was younger, I wanted more than anything to be a musician. I’ve always loved singing and held it dear to my heart. I haven’t done as much with it as I would like to in recent years, but it’s always brought me so much joy to sing and write music. 

Are you always “on” or would someone see you at the grocery store, for example, with less elements of your style?

I would say for the most part I’m “on”—there are definitely aspects of my style that are more low-maintenance on some days, but overall it makes me feel better to leave my house when I spend the time on myself to feel presentable and confident. I’ve learned the hard way more than once someone will ALWAYS see you in your “nobody is going to see me” outfit.

There are lots of cowgirl and Western elements in your style. How did you find yourself drawn to these aesthetics?

I grew up with a lot of Western influence in my family and cowboys surrounding me, both through lifestyle and music, and the older I’ve gotten, the more I can appreciate just how cool cowboys were and still are. I grew up listening to outlaw country, like Johnny Cash and Marty Robbins and have come to truly appreciate it—I have become obsessed with incorporating cowgirl vibes in everything I do. Plus, no one can tell you anything when you’re wearing a nice cowboy hat.

Do you find any overlap in your style of bartending and dressing?

Absolutely—bartending is something I love because there’s so much room for self-expression in it. The first cocktail I ever had on the menu at Alibi was fruity, boozy, had edible glitter and was named after Harry Styles (the love of my life). It’s such an easy and fun way to constantly put something out in the world that you’re proud of and care about. 

Do you have a signature drink, or a cocktail you just love making (or drinking)?

I always love a classic gin and tonic, but I love being behind the bar because I have the freedom to create anything and everything that I would enjoy drinking. Most of the cocktails that I enjoy and am inclined to make are pink and gin-based, or [have] flavor profiles that would be enjoyable in a latte, like whiskey, pumpkin and amaretto. 

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would those words be? 

I feel like this is the most difficult question to answer, but if I had to choose three things about myself to highlight I would say I am (fiercely) loyal, ambitious and sweet.

How has your personal style evolved over time?

I’ve become much more confident in recent years and it feels as if I’m coming home to myself. I enjoy finding the balance between being very feminine while taking lots of inspiration from more masculine sources like ‘80s hair metal bands, pirate movies and old Wild West cowboys. All of it, from head-to-toe denim to glitter and dyed hair, comes together in a way that feels very authentic to who I am. It’s fun, outspoken and carefully curated, and I love being known as someone with a specific aesthetic. 

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