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SLUG Style: Muriel Langdon

Art and Fashion

Muriel Langdon is a Salt Lake City-based designer creating bright, elegant swim and loungewear perfect for any pool party. Langdon’s fashion sense exudes through her clothing line, Murmade Swimwear.

Every month, SLUG Style features a distinct member of the community and asks them why they do what they do. Exploring more than just clothing, SLUG Style is an attempt to feature the people who give Salt Lake City flavor through personality and panache.

What are your stylistic influences? This could be a band, decade, fictional character—anything.

My stylistic influences often come from a place of innovation and glamor. While playing off of the name “Mermaid” for my brand, I especially love the idea of mystery, elegance and beauty to be incorporated into my styles. I specifically pull inspiration from the notion that every outfit or look is a passage for expression. The same way a painting is, dance or photography. Fashion is a daily opportunity to wear this art and exhibit a feeling, background or idea of yours or of the designer’s you are wearing.

Tell us about your swimwear line.

My swimwear line is centered around swimwear while also offering limited collections of beachwear, loungewear and other clothing that I find inspiration for. For me, this brand started as a side project. I wanted a place to put my creativity while I was working and going to school, which, both didn’t provide the space to do so. I have always had an interest in fashion and sewing since I was young, but it had never been more than a hobby until 2020. It is especially rewarding to have the opportunity to use my work to connect and work with the community here in Salt Lake in such a way.

What are your interests or hobbies? What is the hobby or interest that you have that no one would realize to ask you about?

Interests and hobbies I have aside from sewing include spending time outside with my dog, dancing, working on my studies at the University of Utah and painting. One of my side jobs is dog sitting, so I spend a lot of time with different dogs at the park or going for walks. 


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What is your approach to swimwear design? What sorts of things do you consider when designing and what have you learned over the course of your design career? 

The first approach I have to my swimwear design is something that is flattering to the body. I then work to see how I can make the piece adjustable in some way so that each different body type can wear the piece however they feel best! I have become really familiar with bikini fit, which took a lot of practice in the beginning, but now I feel very confident when designing a new piece and creating all the different sizes. 

Are you always “on” or would someone see you at the grocery store, for example, with less elements of your style?

I would say I always have some aspects of my style with me. Especially during the warmer months in Utah. Sometimes during the winter I just wear a lot of clothing to stay warm, and my style often gets hidden. When it’s warm out I love to wear pieces of mine daily, a lot being clothing I am experimenting with since I wouldn’t necessarily wear swimwear daily. 

What’s your relationship to swimming and outdoor activities in general?

I have a big love for the ocean and tropical climates. The hotter the weather, the better! Each year I do my best to visit the ocean a few times because it is always refreshing and inspiring for what new pieces I will be working on, and of course testing new swimwear to see what changes I need to make. 

How does your swimwear design affect your day-to-day fashion sense? 

I love to make myself my MurMade pieces out of other materials so I can wear them when I’m not swimming. 

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would those be? 

Confident, reserved, ambitious. 

How has your personal style evolved over time?

Over the years I have found my style to push past personal boundaries where I have been able to build my confidence and progress my designs much farther.

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