The Thrill of a Thrift: CLC Vintage Vendor


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The Thrill of a Thrift ( bridged the generation gap between mother and daughter. Shivani Lindmeir and her mother, Miss Nancy, found common ground on the speckled floors of thrift stores. Shivani’s need to express her individuality developed early. “It wasn’t until I was 13, wearing uniforms to school each day, that I remember actively seeking out unique clothing to wear in my free time,” she says. With Nancy’s support, Shivani transformed her desire for individuality into a tangible business. “A couple years later, my mom and I realized that we were pretty good at finding the beauty in the unappreciated,” she says. Using Ebay as a launchpad, Shivani and Nancy began their journey into the spiraled time machine that is the world of vintage trade.

Shivani and Nancy’s collection contains a variety of shoes, handbags, trousers, dresses—you name it. And the selection is not the average echo of the ’60s, ’70s or ’80s memorabilia one is used to seeing in a typical vintage store. It’s easy to grasp the

inspiration and curation behind Shivani’s and Nancy’s inventory. Shivani is inspired by the fashion blog Man Repeller for its tenacity in “hailing individuality, sustainable brands and humor,” as Shivani puts it. For Thrill of a Thrift, she and Nancy’s distinct personalities synchronize to create a multifaceted collection of items. “My mom is always looking for tea towels to add to her personal collection, and I, wooden parrot earrings,” says Shivani. “Even when we are thrifting apart, we keep an eye out for each other.”

Part of Lindmeir’s thrill for thrifting includes the thorough research behind each particular item’s backstory. “Recently, I found a beautiful embroidered jacket covered in mothballs and decided to take a chance on it!” she says. “I found out that it was quite a rare and valuable Chinese bai hua jacket. Finds like this fuel my thrifting fire.” Shivani and Nancy’s sheer exuberance drives them through the process of vintage sales, and they uphold a sense of class and respect for the trade—more motivation to support such a sincere pursuit of passion and professionalism.