Speeches were given, streets were closed and the media were worked into a frenzy for the biggest event to happen in recent Salt Lake City history—City Creek opened for business. I’ve never witnessed that big of a grand opening before, and I don’t expect that kind of fanfare to become commonplace. Businesses open or close their doors every day without generating much public awareness. It’s sad, really: A small sign in the window of Frosty Darling notified people of its final days. Luckily, an ad in the pages of this magazine announced the relocation of Blonde Grizzly. Only the most vigilant urbanites can keep track of these comings and goings. Lucky for you, SLUG keeps an ear to the underground. Using our hawk-like senses, we found out Travis Tanner from Tanner Frames is relocating, but don’t expect air cannons to be shot off, or streets to be closed. A modest opening in June with a grand opening in the fall will suffice. Nonetheless, Tanner is a welcome and exciting addition to the 600-900 S. business district.

Tanner Frames will nestle into 18 W. 800 S. next to Mini’s Cupcakes, which is run by owner Leslie Fiet, who shares space with her dear friend, artist Stephanie Deer. The cupcake shop occupies the left half of the space, while Deer uses the right for her studio and a showroom during Gallery Stroll. “Travis is extremely talented and we’re excited to have his energy around,” says Deer. Tanner Frames was located in the City Center Art Space Building at 250 S. and 500 W. for the last five years, and prior to that, they were in the Rockwood Studios in Sugar House. “This new space will allow us to accommodate our customers’ needs better … and I like that my landlord is also a small business owner. He’s a nice guy and it feels like we’re all helping each other out,” says Tanner. This form of local support and collaborative spirit is fueling the speculation that this neighborhood is an up-and-coming place to be.

Veteran of the neighborhood and the cornerstone of the 800 S. art experience is the Horne Fine Art Gallery, located at 142 E. 800 S. The Horne family has a legacy dating back to 1898 with matriarch Alice Merrill Horne and her ardent commitment to Utah artists. Mother-and-daughter team Phyllis and Karen Horne continue this legacy by providing a beautiful, inviting place for artists and art patrons to converge. The June exhibit will feature works by Jamie Wayman, Karen Horne and Phyllis Horne. For more information about this exhibit or daily hours of operation, visit

Jeff Hein’s Hein Academy of Art, located at 16 W. 700 S., is relatively new to the area. Established in 2007, the academy takes a page from the old masters and believes you learn by doing. This open studio format allows artists to come and go as they please (24/7), with modeling sessions a few times a week. Student shows take place quarterly. For more information, find them on Facebook or at heinacademyofart.com. Walk-ins are always welcome.

With a mix of old and new small businesses, including thrift stores, salons, restaurants, tattoo shops, concert venues, bars, art galleries and specialty bakeries, if you are looking for an authentic Salt Lake Gallery Stroll experience, you should give this up-and-coming neighborhood a try.