Amy Redden celebrates her 10th year at Craft Lake City's DIY Fest.

10-Year CLC Artisan: Vintage Fern


Craft Lake City’s DIY Festival is gearing up for its 10th birthday this year! SLUG values Craft Lake City as a fellow community builder, with mission to promote and elevate artists, musicians, DIY engineers, vintage vendors, craft food creators and more. We had a chance to speak to two DIY Festival veterans about their 10 years of being an integral part of DIY Fest’s longevity and culture. Hats off to these artisans who’ve participated consecutively every year since the DIY Fest’s inception, and happy 10th to DIY Fest as they continue to nurture and build the creative community here in Salt Lake City.

SLUGHow did your journey as an artisan start?

Amy Redden: I have always loved creating things as long as I can remember. I would spend hours in my room as a teenager making necklaces for myself. I worked as a cake decorator for nine years, making who knows how many birthday cakes and wedding cakes.  I studied interior design in college. I also owned a wedding décor business for a few years.  About 12 years ago, I was able to be a stay-at-home mom, but needed some sort of creative outlet.  I started making bags for my daughters and I, which quickly turned into selling them at the farmers’ market up the street from my home. I don’t sell at that farmers’ market anymore, but it was an amazing starting point to where I am now.

SLUG: How would you describe the experience your booth provides DIY Fest–goers?

Redden: A colorful feast for your eyes. (I love color).

SLUG: In the last 10 years, what would you say is your favorite DIY Fest memory?

Redden: It may be weird, but the year there was the crazy storm—I found it amazing how everyone was so willing to help me out with packing up my booth as fast as we could. Because of strangers’ kindness, it saved a lot of my booth inventory.

SLUG: Spanning the years from your first DIY Fest until now, how has your business changed?

Redden: I’m always coming up with new products, and I like to think my skills have increased, but I like to keep things small (it’s just me making everything). 

SLUG: Is there a particular favorite fellow vendor?

Redden: No, I’ve made so many friends through the years—don’t make me name a favorite!

SLUG: Any other projects you’re involved in?

Redden: No, unless you count raising three teenage daughters as a project, ha!

SLUG: What has brought you back to DIY Fest every year?

Redden: It’s one of my favorite events each year. I love the variety of fellow vendors, and it’s fun to connect with customers.

SLUG: What distinguishes selling your work at the DIY Festival compared to other local markets?

Redden: Most other local markets that I participate in, I set my booth up and there is a central checkout, so I don’t have to be there with my things. The DIY Festival gives me the chance to connect with customers which can be so much fun!

SLUG: What other elements of the DIY Festival besides the artisans excite you?

Redden: Food. I love food—who doesn’t?

SLUG: What is in store for you and your shop in the future?

Redden: I love being involved in local markets and thinking up new projects to create. My children are getting older, and I’m slowly getting more time to work on things I love doing.

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