Copperhive Vintage: CLC Vintage Vendor


If you’re a vintage lover in Salt Lake, chances are you’ve come across the irresistible retro goods from Copperhive Vintage. Originally operating out of their 1962 Shasta trailer and under a different moniker (Parchment & Pallet), Jacqueline and Logan Whitmore have moved into a much larger, permanent, brick-and-mortar store in Sugar House (2219 S. 700 E.), filled with enough clothing, dishes, housewares and odds and ends to make a nostalgic heart flutter. There’s even a bonus shop in the back of their store, Bad Taste Vintage, that features VHS tapes and plus-size vintage among other gems.

Jacqueline describes their aesthetic as “a kind of romance between mid-century, kitsch and oddities.” Copperhive got its start organically: When the Whitmores found that their personal collection was growing too large to contain, they decided to try their hand as vendors. Their vibrant personalities and taste in items have allowed them to become shop owners and active participants in the Salt Lake vintage community. Their daughter, Story, can often be seen helping her parents at the shop, along with their bull terrier, Bowie. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Jacqueline is also an advocate for plus-size, body-positive fashion and has a radiating, welcoming energy that all visitors to the shop will remember.

Thinking about the future, Jacqueline adds, “I think the next step for us is to continue to strengthen our roots in Sugar House. We’d love to get into more styling, including lookbooks and blogs—ways to incorporate vintage relics into modern lifestyles.”

A veteran of the local vintage scene and its markets, Jacqueline especially loves Craft Lake City’s DIY Fest. “It’s not often that you can meet the people that are making and curating their goods all in one place,” she says. “It makes for such a magical setting—a local-vore dream weekend!” Whether you stop by their shop or scout them out at the DIY Fest, you can expect no less than handpicked, one-of-a-kind goods popping with plenty of color. (Look for the trailer!) –Kia McGinnis

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