Endless Indulgence’s show room is full of a colorful array of retro, vintage-inspired pieces.

Endless Indulgence: A Retro Dream for the Modern Old Soul


Born out of a passion for retro wear and a love for the mid-20th century, Carrie and Richard Vondrus opened Endless Indulgence Retro Wear out of their home in February of 2011. Not only has Endless Indulgence grown into its own brick-and-mortar shop since then, but it’s made a name for itself as the biggest vintage reproduction shop in Utah and it’s become a destination for rockabilly cats all over the world. From true-vintage paint colors on the walls to the vintage television screening I Love Lucythe whimsical, old-school charm of Endless Indulgence is thick and is sure to stir up a longing for the days of yore. By specializing in clothes based around the 1940s-1950s, Carrie has curated a shop that has something for every body type for every occasion, making Endless Indulgence a must-see fixture on Historic 25th Street.

When I first discovered Endless Indulgence, I was 15 and taking my first steps into the rockabilly/vintage lifestyle. I remember searching high and low on the internet for clothes that fit my desired look, assuming that I could never find a real life shop that offered the garments I wanted. Then, I stumbled on their Instagram account, and I was blown away. Not only did they have the clothes I longed for, but they embodied the entire vision. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It seemed like the vintage reproduction jackpot, and even in person, it exudes the same energy. The entire shop is filled to the brim with dresses, vintage-inspired undergarments, accessories, shoes, men’s wear. Even when I thought I had seen everything, there was something I hadn’t.

“The only place in my mind to do something like this and to have the feel that I wanted was 25th Street.”

They opened their doors in their first storefront in October of 2011, only nine months after setting up shop in their own home. “First, we started with classic car shows to build up a clientele before we even opened our doors,” Vondrus says. “I wanted to do it once and do it right.” Carrie and Richard didn’t look to business loans and only used their savings to get the shop in operation. “If it didn’t fly, my husband and I decided that we would just put the money back in our savings,” Vondrus says. “Not only did it fly, but it took on a life of its own!” As residents of Ogden, Carrie wanted to keep the shop close to home and there wasn’t a better place for the retro replica than on 25th Street. “The only place in my mind to do something like this and to have the feel that I wanted was 25th Street,” she says. “It just doesn’t have that same feeling anyplace else.” Despite the obstacles that came with opening their own business, Carrie feels that the shop was destined to happen.

Carrie considers her locals not only the guys and gals in Utah, but also in Idaho and Wyoming. “We’ve had people come in here that came all the way from New Zealand that have said that they follow us on Facebook and that they were here on holiday and they had to come up to the shop,” Vondrus says. “It’s very humbling, because it makes me wonder how we got a reach like that!”

“I never want to disappoint anybody.”

(L–R): Carrie and Richard Vondrus, owners of Endless Indulgence
Photo: Bonneville Jones

Vondrus started her business out of necessity. In order to find the clothes she desired, she would either have to travel back to her home in California, visit Las Vegas or mail order them. After being a professional ski patroller for 14 years, she hung her skis up and decided it was time to try something new. When she and Richard stumbled on Bettie Page Clothing and got to know the owners as well as Doris Mayday and the other ladies that worked there, they started thinking about how they could take the first steps to opening their business. For them, opening Endless Indulgence was fueled by passion and for a need to do something. “The process of it was really interesting in the sense that we did it completely with our own money and started very small,” Vondrus says. “It was also a way for me to feed my habit.”

Vondrus discovered her love for vintage fashion when she was 18 years old. She graduated high school in a turquoise vintage dress, and she always loved how vintage-inspired clothes fit her. “Ultimately, when it came to fitting in to clothes, the higher-end clothes from Nordstrom that were cut in a classic ’50s style fit me best,” she says. “I’ve always worn that type of clothing my whole life because that what works for me.” Ultimately, there’s no deep-rooted answer as to why she loves this style, because it’s as simple as loving the style and the fit. Endless Indulgence carries garments from over 100 brands, and Carrie’s main focus when she’s shopping for pieces is quality. Whether it’s retro-on-a-budget brand or a higher-price point brand, Carrie makes sure that she only offers the best clothes to her customers. “I never want to disappoint anybody,” she says.

“I’m honored to be apart of these ladies’ lives.”

This love and care for her customers encouraged the strong community of women that she now has coming into Endless Indulgence. Not only is it shop that fits a perfect niche, but it’s also become a place where the community can come socialize, hang out and feel a sense of belonging. “I’m honored to be apart of these ladies’ lives,” Vondrus says. “There’s a feeling when people come in here that makes them feel like this is their happy place.” Whether you’re a new customer or a regular, there’s no doubt that Carrie and Richard will make anyone who walks through the door feel like family.

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