Jacqueline and Logan Whitmore of Parchment and Pallet curate vintage Americana with care.

Parchment and Pallet: CLC Vintage Vendor


Parchment and Pallet


“Be still, my heart,” I thought as I saw Jacqueline and Logan Whitmore bustling around their baby blue, 1950s Shasta trailer, making sure each item was nestled just right. Parchment and Pallet collect classic American retro items, mostly from the ’40s to the ’70s. You could find all sorts of gems in their spread, but they foster a few favorite niches of vintage. It’s hard not to be smitten exploring their collection, which is curated with care—after all, their motto is, “Everyone deserves a little vintage charm in their life.”

“We started about three years ago, with me making handmade cards and Logan making reclaimed furniture out of pallets, which is where our name came from,” says Jacqueline. It wasn’t too long before they made the transition from handmade to vintage, inspired by fond childhood memories of their grandparents and the connection that a special item can offer to the past.

Jacqueline loves all kitchen wear, but she is a self-proclaimed Pyrex Queen and describes her extensive knowledge of the pieces: “I’m kind of like a car salesman—I know years of production and much more,” she says. Logan has a fondness for oddities such as bones, skulls and creepy dolls, but his specialty is taxidermy. “I actually found my first piece in a dumpster and have been hooked ever since,” he says.

This will be Parchment and Pallet’s first year participating in the Craft Lake City DIY Festival, though they are veterans and avid supporters of other local markets. “If you go to WalMart and you buy something, it’s not a real experience; you’re just giving someone your money and going home, but at markets, you’re hanging out, talking to people, and it just makes me happy to know that when someone buys something from me, it’s going to a good home,” says Logan. He adds, “I feel like being a part of Craft Lake City will get my creative juices flowing.”

You can expect a thoughtful and inspired array of pieces, collected from the best eras by the Whitmores, at the upcoming Craft Lake City DIY Festival. Until then, browse their Etsy shop and follow them on Instagram (@parchmentandpallet) to see what their latest finds are. The couple also has a selection of their items at Rewind Exchange in Provo and are hoping to open a brick-and-mortar store of their own soon in the next year.

The 7th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival is right around the corner, Aug. 7 and 8 at the Gallivan Center. This year’s festival features over 250 artisans, craft foodies, vintage vendors and nonprofit organizations, as well as a replete offering of stage performers, buskers, DIY engineers, commercial food vendors and food trucks. Over the past seven years, Craft Lake City has celebrated DIY (do-it-yourself) culture of all forms, from artists and makers who call Utah home. This mission continually aligns with SLUG’s affinity for the vibrant local culture of Utah, and we’ve combed the lists of participants to highlight some amazing artisans, craft foodies, DIY engineers, performers and vintage vendors.