Intelligent Designers & Fabrication Evolved: Project Sunday


Good design shouldn’t draw attention to itself, even if the thing designed does. It should seem as though a space or object has just always existed. But there will always be someone behind the scenes obsessing over the details. Utah has many talented designers and fabricators—people who don’t merely wish something exists but make it through the power of will and specialized knowledge. The people at Creative Services Bureau, HI Co-operative, M3LD and Project Sunday are all talented in different ways. Though their mediums and tools may vary, they are unified through a love of beautiful form and perfect function.

Project Sunday

Don’t ask Kevin Jateff about the past. The owner/founder of Project Sunday—a local custom furniture and interior design firm—looks back with fondness on the company’s early days reclaiming wood and creating beautiful furniture pieces, but he says that they are looking forward to bigger and better things. They have taken on large-scale residential and commercial projects, designing entirely custom-built spaces from the ground up. “We like to constantly be pushing our limits as well as trying to find different styles out there. The reclaimed thing was a big part of our beginnings, and it’s still something that we do a lot, but it’s not something we do as much,” says Jateff.
Photo: @clancycoop
Photo: @clancycoop

Building upon their not-so-humble beginning of creating gorgeous tables, consoles and other home furnishings built for life, Project Sunday has graduated into working with clients to realize their specific dream alongside the immaculate taste, advice and direction of the Project Sunday team.

For instance, they worked with recent client Brass Smoothies to choose moods and themes. “They were able to pick and choose what they liked and then we kind of took that, turned it into a computer rendering, a 3D model, so that they could actually see the space, see how the proportions worked, how the materials worked together—and then the construction happens,” says Jateff.

Stepping into Project Sunday’s spartan office and workshop, one sees the kind of disciplined neatness born out of needing to find the right tool at the right time. Smooth pieces of wood lay freshly cut on large woodworking tables surrounded by freshly fallen sawdust. Their reception area is small, though intentionally so. They prefer to be onsite or in the workshop. One gets the impression that they prefer walk to talk and making things to planning things—though it is clear that plenty of pre-planning goes into their designs.

Project Sunday has shipped furniture all over the country and has worked with clients in Salt Lake City, Summit County, Provo, Heber and Farmington. They are available for custom design projects and can be contacted at