Laura Frisk.

Laura Frisk Art: CLC Artisan


Photo: John BarkipleWhimsical, fun and comforting, Laura Frisk brings her own brand of quirk to Salt Lake City’s art scene. After obtaining her BFA in painting from Utah State University, she found her niche in woodblock printmaking and illustrating. “I find a lot of inspiration from things like children’s books, cartoons and anime,” says Frisk. “I feel like that’s why I enjoy drawing in a whimsical hand and woodblocking simple shapes. There are usually small parts of a film or a piece of music or a page in a book that light me up and speak to me in a way that I feel understood or like something is made clear to me. I like being able to communicate and connect with people, and hopefully create the same feeling for them.”

Frisk’s art isn’t only fun to look at—a lot of it is meant to be completely functional, too. By making her own pillows and wall hangings, she brings something special into the realm of home decor. “I like the idea of functional art,” she says. “There is something special and personal about having something in your home that you know was made in a small batch by hand, by one person, rather than buying something from a big store where you know millions of other people have that same item and you don’t know where it came from. I love seeing people interact with my textile work.” By depicting sweet creatures, whether it’s a fox, dragon or even a smiling ginger root, there’s certainly something anyone can connect with in her shop. “Animals have a way of comforting us and loving us that is free of judgment, which can be what we need most sometimes,” Frisk says.

Although this is Frisk’s seventh year participating in the Craft Lake City DIY Festival, she’s excited to see other artisans and what they have to offer. “I love meeting other artisans and always come home with a huge haul of amazing things,” Frisk says. “It is awesome seeing people interact with things I make. My cheeks always hurt at the end of the day from smiling so much.” –Zaina Abujebarah

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