The crowd at the WOC Market.

Strength in Shades’ Inaugural WOC Market


While 2020 posed various challenges, some positives came from it in the form of entrepreneurship, just like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Many people of color, women of color and women allies were inspired by the skills that they built during that year, whether that was creating clothes, jewelry, food or art. This grew to the point where friends, family and friends-of-friends sought them out for their products. With the growing number of people who want to start on their entrepreneurial journey, two business owners had an idea to bring them together and to offer a space for other people of color and women to network at Strength in ShadesWOC Market.

Alicea Marie (Defined Skin) and Kris Heals came together to create Strength in Shades. They’ve noticed a major problem for a lot of people of color who run small businesses. When they go to networking events, they haven’t seen as many people of color or women at these events. This led to a lightbulb moment for the two to host their WOC Market at Fohn in South Jordan. Kris and Alicea had a vision of an event in which more people of color and women would have a chance to grow and network, a space where where they could relate and converse on a cultural level. In hopes not only to help those businesses grow but to inspire others who look like them to run and grow a business.

They plan on throwing this event every month in hopes to give other businesses a chance to attend the event and eventually grow to an even bigger venue. With the demand that these two entrepreneurs stirred up, it won’t be long before they get more businesses that would be interested in attending their markets and future events.

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