Review: Black Science: The Beginners’ Guide to Entropy

Comic Review

Black Science: The Beginners’ Guide to Entropy

Image Comics
Writer: Rick Remender
Artists: Matteo Scalera, Dean White
Street: 11.25

While working at Black Cat Comics in Sugar House, it seemed that every hour I had at least one patron asking this same question or some form of it: “What’s your favorite book out right now?” My answer was always the same: Black Science. The easiest way to describe Black Science is “Lost in Space with anarchist scientists.” Grant McKay, a former member of the Anarchist Order of Scientists and current shitty husband/father, creates a device known as the Pillar to travel through an infinite variety of dimensions with the intention of improving the quality of life within each one. However, what transpires is nowhere near what he expected: Grant, his children and his colleagues are stranded in constantly changing dimensions with no easy answers and no clear villain—just more questions. Matteo Scalera and Dean White illustrate something truly stunning here, and I can’t wait to see what follows. Every panel impresses and captivates with its brilliant hues, fanciful creatures, thought-provoking dialogue and gut-wrenching loss. Honestly, I can’t praise Black Science enough. This gorgeous, 16-issue omnibus publishes just in time for Christmas shopping, and I strongly encourage you to pick this up for yourself or for the comic geek who’s close to your heart. It’s pulp sci-fi done so right. –Rob Hudak