Review: Jim Henson’s Storyteller – Witches Hardcover Collection

Comic Review

Jim Henson’s Storyteller – Witches Hardcover Collection
Writer/Artist: Various

Archaia Studios
Street: 05.12

Jim Henson played a pretty big role in my childhood. Sesame Street helped teach me my ABC’s, and Jim Henson’s The Storyteller television series sparked my imagination—it’s a one of the main reasons I love to read—so obviously this collection piqued my interest. Contained within are four stories, inspired by the myths and legends from cultures around the world, all narrated by the iconic storyteller to his faithful, furry companion. “The Magic Swan Goose and the Lord of the Forest” feels like a classic English fairy tale with morals of environmentalism. I liked how the lettering here seems to help reinforce to kids the concept of  “coloring outside the lines.” “The Snow Witch” is a beautiful adaptation of the Japanese Yuki Onna myth, discussing love and consequence. “The Phantom Isle,” plays with the Irish legend of Tír na nÓg, and the eerie Slavic folktale “Vasilissa the Beautiful” deals with death and features the cooky Baba Yaga. Everything here feels like a fantastical storybook adventure with fresh stories playing on old tropes and cliches. I can’t get over how stunning each issue looks. This is perfect for any parent’s bedtime-story reading session and I think Jim Henson would be proud.  –Rob Hudak