Review: ODY-C, Vol. 1

Comic Review

ODY-C, Vol. 1
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Christian Ward

Image Comics
Street: 06.25

ODY-C is the peak of an English major’s mid-thesis psychedelic trip that you don’t want to miss. Finally, The Odyssey bends the rule 34 treatment into an ambitious and new, sci-fi-futuristic,  gender-fucked cast of goddesses and some gods. It’s a genuine talented and well crafted story that destroys preconceptions about sex/gender binaries set in classic literature. It’s a richly complex and absolutely stunning combination of what the creators wanted, Barbarella and Cirque du Soleil.  Odyssia is such a badass, as is the rest of the classical cast. Universal diversity reigns supreme, so feast your eyes on the best slate of body types, too. Unfortunately, most people haven’t actually read the Odyssey, but fear not, everything you need to know, all the history and characters in our new context, is right there. The frustration I’ve seen around this book is laziness—some readers rather not think. I challenge readers to open up to this poetry, enjoy the space opera, let the brilliance of this new incarnation of a classic become a classic of its own. It’s stunning, academic and utterly captivating—drugs for the eyes and soul. Listen to the siren songs, read now. –Taylor Hoffman