Review: Postal, Vol. 1

Comic Review

Postal, Vol. 1
Writers: Bryan Hall, Matt Hawkins
Artist: Isaac Goodhart

Image Comics
Street: 06.24

In the small town of Eden, Wyoming dwells a religious cult of sinners and murder mysteries. There’s a vast array of townspeople, but the most interesting is the main character, Mark, the postman of Eden. Mark has asperger’s syndrome. Immediately, I researched the creative process in this choice, but Hill and Hawkins did their research to make this character real and not just a caricature of someone with mental illness. We’re following Mark’s train of thought, picking out the details and unnervingly finding clues to help solve future tragedies. The town is creepy and the art is gorgeous once I adjusted to the almost uncanny valley style that lends itself well to the isolated and grey atmosphere. It’s an accidental detective story that explores psychological issues and creepy cults in a Twin Peaks fashion. There’s a growing evil in the air of Eden, and it’s absolutely worth following this book to find out where it leads. –Taylor Hoffman