Review: punkrockpaperscissors

Comic Review


Writer/Artist: Lee Loughridge
Image Comics
Street: 11.12.14

Punkrockpaperscissors is an amazing, one-of-a-kind compilation that showcases about 600 of the best 80’s punk and hardcore show flyers that were based in America. It’s an original history 13 years in the making that focuses on these alternative scenes and underground artists like nothing else that really exists to this extent. Unlike similar projects like Fucked Up + Photocopied, long time punk and comic writer Lee Loughridge doesn’t focus on just the West Coast scene and doesn’t care about writing about the bands or shows specifically, and instead just lets the posters speak for themselves. These are the real pre-Facebook days of self-promotion, and this trade really shows off the art of punk. It’s not done chronologically, there’s no commentary, and there are some cool, random things like special sections for Danzig and Black Flag. For many, there will be flashbacks to circle pits and nostalgia for the days when the Beastie Boys were still a punk band, plus, it’s a self-explanatory resource of how to truly DIY advertise for bands. –Taylor Hoffman